1:1 Business & Marketing Mentoring Program

When you think about your business, does it completely overwhelm you to the point you want to give up?

Are you feeling confused and stuck on what to do next? Or how to market your product or service? But, you know you have it in you to take that next step? Just not sure WHAT?

You do not have to go through the entrepreneurial journey alone thinking you have to have all the answers.

I can help you get over that hurdle as we move forward. Together.

Through my 1:1 5-month Business Mentoring & Marketing Program, I mentor and work one-on-one with startup businesses and entrepreneurs to:

  • Discover when and where the overwhelm kicks in and how to move past it
  • Gain clarity of your goals and what you want to accomplish in your business one step at a time
  • Provide you with invaluable resources and connections to help you get there faster
  • Create a completely confidential and comfortable space to share and bounce ideas
  • Push you toward your full potential on a clearly defined path

My 5-month Mentoring & Marketing Program includes: 

  • Three live or virtual (through Zoom) 1:1 one-hour meetings per month (virtual meetings will be recorded)
  • Unlimited email support and check-ins
  • An ongoing sessions recap to refer back to when you need it
  • Bi-weekly homework assignments to keep you moving forward
  • Guided step-by-step implementation on how to complete each assignment and marketing support reviewing your current collateral and providing valuable feedback
  • A complete business/marketing analysis for your specific industry (valued at $500)
  • One ticket to an upcoming Unfold Your Vision, Shift Your Mindset workshop (valued at $50) or virtual if not in Arizona
  • An annual membership to the Gals’ Inspiration Hub for ongoing peer mentoring and support (valued at $320; women only; or an additional 1:1 session with me for men)
  • Special gifts upon program completion (valued at $50)


paid in full

(or five equal monthly installments of $820/month)

Make a self-investment in you and your business passion.
You were not born to fail, so why give up on your dreams now?
You are a lot closer than you realize.


Contact me to learn more about my program and other resources available to you. Book your complimentary 30-minute, virtual Business Strategy Session with me today.


Coming from a corporate culture, I thought I had a solid Strategic Plan to start my business.  I was filled with excitement and commitment to finally live my dream.  Three years into the business I was riding the “Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.”  Regardless of how many books, tapes, seminars, and webinars I purchased to achieve success, I found myself lacking discipline. I became frustrated and felt alone as my confidence level reached a low point.  I was not ready to throw in the towel, hired Tisha Pelletier as my Accountability Coach.

Tisha was very supportive and helped me overcome the challenges that have prevented me from moving forward.  She guided me in the right direction, holding me personally accountable for my time management and actions. Tisha provided me with the tools to re-evaluate and put a precise plan of action in place to achieve my goals.  I was able to develop a clear mindset and now moving forward with excitement and commitment!

I highly recommend Tisha if you are looking for someone to assist you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future.”

– Jonilynn Gearhart