Dream It, Do It Session

Have a business idea circling around in your head that could use a little help coming to fruition?

Not quite ready to make the investment into my 1:1 Business Mentoring & Marketing/Accountable Advocate Program?

That’s okay!

My Dream It, Do It Business Strategy Sessions are the perfect first start to get your idea out of your head, onto paper and moving forward. In this 90-minute, virtual session, I work with you to gain clarity and devise some simple marketing strategies for you to start using immediately in your business. From coming up with your ideal target market to crafting that perfect elevator pitch or providing you with a game plan to get started, you will receive a tremendous amount of value and fresh perspective on how to turn that dream business of yours into a reality. Best part is, there is NO LIMIT to the number of Dream It, Do It sessions you can have. If you need one, two or ten, I’m here for you.

Cost: $97/Session


Ready to schedule your Dream It, Do It session? Contact me here. 


I really loved my Dream It, Do It session with Tisha. She really helped me put together a clear message with my elevator speech and helped me uncover my “why” in business. She has a unique gift with coming up with amazing ideas and knows exactly how to put together a clear and eloquent elevator speech that’ll knock your socks off. I also received a better idea on what I should be calling myself in order to be more unique to my clients in just our one 90-minute session together.”

– Charissa Cleveland, Fearless Coach