Episode 07

Ambitiously Lazy with Adam Diaz-Garcia, The Creative Influence

In episode 7, we’re joined in the studio by The Creative Influence’s founder Adam Diaz-Garcia who shares how he masters his own mindset by staying positive and starting the day with a win, and learning how to set boundaries by being “ambitiously lazy.” We LOVED that!

His definition of success? Feeling happy and fulfilled. In the podcast, Adam shares that if you honestly feel great about what you’re doing and it motivates you to want to work hard everyday (not for the paycheck or for the boss), then you’re well on your way.

Thanks for joining us in the studio, Adam!

About Adam Diaz-Garcia


Adam is best referred to as a positivity pusher. Originally from Alaska now residing in the Arizona Desert, he is the founder of The Creative Influence Digital Marketing Agency specializing in social media branding, digital marketing, web development, creative consulting and graphic design.

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