Episode 11

Believe and Bet on Yourself with Mario A. Bayne, Career Concepts for Youth, Inc.

In episode 11, Mario A. Bayne, founder and CEO of Career Concepts for Youth, Inc., joins me in the 3125 Studio to share how his lifelong dream to play professional baseball was shattered after a serious injury. But it didn’t keep him down.

After working in the hospitality industry, he took a chance and bet on himself. In 1991, he launched his nonprofit, Career Concepts for Youth, Inc., authored several books including his newest book titled Life Skills, and has impacted thousands of students by encouraging them to stay in school by demonstrating how education can lead to fulfilling careers and lives.

Tune into this inspirational podcast to hear Mario‘s story.

Side note: We experienced some technical difficulties with the sound that day (it happens!), but all good! Enjoy this episode! We hope it inspires you to keep betting on YOU!

About Mario A. Bayne


Mario is a business consultant and the founder of Career Concepts for Youth. Established in 1991, Career Concepts for Youth has presented its Stay in School and Achieve Program to tens of thousands of students in Maricopa County, Arizona schools. Our role models and mentors from various professions enhance the program through interaction with the students. Throughout, emphasis is placed on the rewards of fulfilling careers and the success factors that lead to advancements in school and life.

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