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Rule of Life Lesson #117: Stay adventurous.

Something I recommend every single person have is a “places I’m visiting” bucket list. We all need that. It keeps ...
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Rule of Life Lesson #116: There’s always a way.

Last year, my son Caleb, who was 11-years-old at the time, was accepted into the National Junior Honor Society at ...
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Rule of Life Lesson #115: Get started.

When I first launched my event Social Connect PHX in April 2018, my former co-host and I had this idea ...
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At my baptism May 19, 2019

Rule of Life Lesson #114: Follow your faith.

Growing up, I can remember going to Catholic church every single Sunday with my mom and sister. I didn’t “mind” ...
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Rule of Life Lesson #113: Lead the next generation.

My fondest speaking memory came when I was asked to teach my daughter’s first grade class about entrepreneurship through the ...
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Rule of Life Lesson #112: Be BOLD.

I’m 100% convinced that when you know you’ve reached your breaking point, you say “Enough is enough.” It was the ...
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