Episode 09

Create What Doesn't Exist with Brian Hill, PHX Fashion Week

In episode 9 of the Success over Struggle, we’re in the studio with Brian Hill, executive director of PHX Fashion Week, diving into his story of how he started out as a volunteer, rose his way to the top and what it took to get there.

Brian shares so many valuable nuggets of wisdom in this one podcast with the overall message of “it doesn’t exist, you have the power to create it.”

Connect with Brian at info@phoenixfashionweek or on IG at @fashionrewired.

On a side note: we recorded this in a brand new studio with brand new equipment so still getting used to the sound quality here and will be making adjustments for our future podcasts. Have to get it started somehow, somewhere and interate, right? Thanks for understanding and listening in!

About Brian Hill


Brian Hill, is a self taught designer (women’s fitness apparel), former college athlete (wrestler) from Arizona State University, newly minted Podcast host (Fashion Rewired) and the Executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week!

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