Hi there!

I’m Tisha. A startup business mentor , inspirational speaker , author , social connector  and mama. After I gave up my corporate gig in 2004, I took the entrepreneurial leap and launched successful businesses doing all sorts of things like marketing, event management and even an organization for us busy mom entrepreneurs, while starting my family.
But then (same whimsical font)
My head and my heart didn’t mesh, and instead…

I pivoted.

I used all the experiences, good and bad, and focused on doing the ONE THING that matters most to me…encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs like you to get out of their own way and


I want to make that happen for you, too! No more hiding. No more settling. It’s time WE DO THIS!


“Confident. Witty. Approachable. Authentic with a touch of badass. Tisha is the type of speaker that can roll with the punches.”

With a love for the stage and inspiring crowds, I’ve been known to bring a level of fun and personality to my talks combined with powerful, practical tips. I’ve served as an emcee and speaker on numerous stages including Arizona State University, TEDx, PHX StartupWeek, nonprofits, high schools and my own platform hosting a Success over Struggle™ panel in front of a live audience. I love talking about:

  • Creating & Manifesting Your Vision (workshop)
  • Failing Forward
  • How to Rise from the Fall
  • 10 Essentials Businesses Need to Succeed
  • Networking: It’s Not About You and

In addition, catch my talk outloud mini motivational life lessons I like to call my #ConvoinmyCamry series. 


As an entrepreneur, I get you!

I fully understand the excitement, overwhelm, frustration, and the countless sleepless nights that come with starting and running a business; which is why my first order of business is to make sure your business is on track with the proper foundation and support.

I’ve worked with numerous aspiring entrepreneurs and startups to get them through those “stuck” stages in their business, and support them break through with my Dream It, Do It sessions, 1:1 mentoring package and Startup Entrepreneur Academy, specifically designed for individuals with brilliant ideas ready to be born.


In 2010, I decided it was time to share my story and wrote When the Universe Throws a Curveball (link to this Amazon book) to chronicle my journey as an entrepreneur and mom along with the challenges and triumphs I faced.
In 2018, I released the sequel, What Are the Odds? A mom shares her good, bad and what the f*ck moments in life & business, a very raw, real and transparent book where I bare my soul and the many, many lessons I’ve learned. Taking it one step further and stretching myself way out of my comfort zone, I narrated my story and released it on Audible for your listening pleasure


I’m not a big networker, but I am a social connector!
After attending a ton of networking events and receiving very little value, I decided it was time to take matters in my own hands and created an event designed to help people meet people again, be inspired by others’ real stories, and build more meaningful relationships. I launched the Social Connect Business Happy Hour in April 2018 and it’s been growing like wildfire.

Called a “refreshing change of pace,” the Social Connect is a hybrid event that combines mixing and mingling without the excessive use of business cards or salesy tactics, and my Success over Struggle™ panel where I invite the local business community to share their raw and real stories. Each month, I partner with a nonprofit organization to support their mission through a 50/50 raffle at the event.


Married to my hubby Sean since 2014, I consider the role of “mama” to be my hardest, rewarding and most important role yet! Mama to Caleb and Ellie, who are the very reason why I started a business,
I’m extremely blessed to go through life raising these two with the same values I was taught…if you want something bad enough, you better go for it!