Episode 03

Drive + Passion = Impact with Sydney Grover, Can You Spare a Story?

In episode 3, we’re joined by the incredible #girlboss and rockstar, Sydney Grover, founder of Arizona nonprofit, Can You Spare a Story?

A voice for the homeless, Sydney’s mission lies in sharing the stories of the many individuals she meets who have broken through the cycle and made it out on top. What started as a blog in her college dorm room when she was 18 has now turned into a nonprofit getting younger generations involved in changing the societal view of homelessness. Sydney also provides her priceless pop-up shops in AZ and in NV to provide clothing and basic necessities.

Her favorite quote? “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

You always have the opportunity to build others up and a simple smile can change someone’s whole world.

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Podcast : Can You Spare a Story Podcast

About Sydney Grover


From Grand Canyon University, Sydney Grover turned her compassion for the homeless into a passion project that became a blog and pop-up shop to help them regain their confidence.

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