Episode 04

Count Your Blessings with Rene Johnson, The Power Zone Coach

n this episode, we dive into the inspiring story of Rene Johnson, The Power Zone Coach, and the life lessons she’s had to pay the ultimate sacrifice for.

As a victim of child abuse which led to a domestic violence marriage, Rene shares her biggest takeaway for listeners: to trust yourself – realize your strengths – stop resisting, forgive, let go and allow life to work for you, even if it’s different than you thought it would be.

Connect with and access Rene’s free resources, podcasts, links to social media platforms and her book, Leaving Your Comfort Zone, on her website at powerzonecoach.com.

About Rene Johnson


René Johnson is the founder and CEO of Power Zone Coaching, where for more than 20 years she has helped executives and entrepreneurs turn their leadership into their greatest profit center. She is the author of “Leaving Your Comfort Zone: How to Lead Your Life from the Power Zone!” She’s Past- President of Utah NAWBO, National Association Woman Business Owners, and also the co-founder of SHEROES United, an international non-profit that has helped 1,000s of domestic violence victims. René is known as a dynamic presenter having inspired many different audiences to become positive change agents in the world around them.

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