Episode 20

Don't Lose yourself with valerie lawrence, thriving with cp

I love this gal’s story!

In episode 20, Valerie Lawrence, founder of Thriving with CP (Cerebral Palsy), and I strike up an honest and real conversation about mom life, living with differences, bullies and loving ourselves for exactly who we are.

She asks the very poignant question, “Can YOU hang out with YOU?” which serves as a great reminder that if you can’t, maybe it’s time to change.

Tune in to hear this mama’s story of how she continues to embrace who she is and shares the “be kind” message with not only her three adorable kiddos but everyone she meets.

Valerie’s rule of life lesson: “Never ever give up on yourself. Your life and your quality of life is worth everything.” 

About Valerie Lawrence

Valerie Lawrence

Valerie not only helps others survive a life with cerebral palsy, she shows how to THRIVE by deciding who you are, how you define your future, and how to live the life you desire.

Thanks for listening 🙂

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