Episode 23

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In episode 23, Skylar Lysaker, co-founder and CEO of Greenz, joins me at The Forum Studio in Chandler.


All I can say after only having met Skylar once is that he is a very wise young man beyond his years who has so much to offer the world through his experiences, personal growth and know how.


In our time together, he shares his deeply personal and moving story of hitting rock bottom just recently in October 2019 and teaching himself how to get back up and back to basics.


Skylar says running his startup has not only pushed his mental, physical and financial limits, but it led him to making major personal sacrifices to continue running his brand.


Dive into this episode with us and listen as Skylar shares his SoS journey.

About Skylar Lysaker

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Skylar is the Co-founder and CEO of Greenz, a hemp-based apparel brand focused on creating products that benefit consumers and the planet. 

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