Episode 24

value your values, anthony garone

It’s a Father’s Day celebratory episode where I had the pleasure of interviewing not only Anthony Garone, but also getting his 11-year-old son Elliot’s perspective as well as my 8-year-old daughter Ellie’s on the SoS journey.

In this segment, Anthony opens up about about overcoming depression, significant self-doubt, and imposter syndrome to get where he is today. He shares he learned how to value his values after reading a book about ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) that helped him realize it’s now about what we do, it’s about who we are…the same lesson he instills in his children.

Anthony’s takeaway?

“I want people to learn that we are the creators of our own problem, and we are solely responsible for finding our own way forward. As busy as we can get, there is always time to be authentic and true to our own passions.” 

Tune into this episode to hear from Anthony, Elliot and Ellie on what they’ve gleaned about finding their success amidst the struggle.


Connect with Anthony on his website at garone.org and check out his book Clueless at Work and his second book releasing soon for music fanatics.

About Anthony Garone

Anthony Garone

Anthony Garone is a creative technologist from Mesa, Arizona. He believes in authenticity and working for the greater good. He currently works at InfoArmor by day, writes books by night, and runs a YouTube channel called Make Weird Music in his spare time. 

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