Episode 25

stop being normal, steve rix


Season 2 of The Success over Struggle Podcast is in the books and I’m so thankful to this guy, Steve Rix, Chief Experience Officer and “The Wiz” at Imagine That for joining me for the finale. Met Steve while at the House of Genius and his enthusiasm lights up the room. Very contagious you can’t help but smile and laugh along with him. 

In this high energy episode, Steve dives into the question “How to be happy” by sharing that the only real way to be happy is to never lose your curiosity or stop experimenting.

Steve’s takeaway?

We can either grow old, be miserable and stay sedentary in our ways, or live life being present in the moment, and using our imagination to create the pathway to our future.

About Steve Rix

Steve Rix

Steve Rix is the Chief Experience Officer and “The Wiz” at Imagine That. He’s also an up and coming author with two new books on the horizon – Unshakable Confidence and The Power of Playful Thinking. 

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