I absolutely love FREE tools to help you better manage your time, stress, and sanity even!

Check out some of the free or low cost resources I personally cannot live without. If you have others you’d like to share, email me and I’ll add them here. The happier we all are having a tool that helps us, the better off we’ll all be. Please share!


Brand new to business? There’s something about having an idea in your head, then creating a logo that makes it feel more tangible and real. The folks over at Logojoy managed by Bill Hillson use artificial intelligence to instantly generate beautiful, unique logo ideas for your business to get your idea out of your head and onto paper. I got the opportunity to test out their Premium Package priced affordably at $65 for all hi-res files and was impressed at not only how easy it was to use their system, but how it was able to know exactly what I was looking for. Within just a few minutes, I had a logo sent to me that I had chosen based on my own personal likes, wants and needs in every format imaginable. Highly recommend taking a look at Logojoy, having some fun with it, and getting the logo you always wanted to brand your business at a “joyful” price.

A free browser extension on Google Chrome that lets you manage your YouTube channel with ease.

Or as my colleague puts it, “Graphic design for dummies!” Here  you can design just about anything you need from social media posts to headers and business cards, download free or low cost images for $1 and “fake” like you actually went to art school. It has been a total lifesaver when I know exactly what I need, but am not sure how to create it. Design away!

Last Pass
Ever lost your username and password, then tried multiple times to enter it only to be locked out for too many failed attempts? Yep! Been there. This free tool stores all your passwords for EVERYTHING in one handy vault, so when you need it, it populates the username and password for you.

MailChimp Email Marketing
There are tons of email marketing systems out there, and I’ve tried them all, but I really like the simplicity of MailChimp. It’s free for up to 2,000 names, has simple templates you can use to grow your email list, can segment all your lists, and now has automation as a free feature so you remember to stay top of mind with your clients and customers.

Color Cop
Love this tool! It’s especially handy for creating your email marketing campaigns and trying to match the colors in your logo to create the theme for your newsletter or Web site. With so many variations of reds, blues, pinks, whatever color, this little eye dropper tool works by dragging it over a color and giving you the custom color code. Now you’ll never have to wonder what color green that was!

Need to ask travel visitors on your site for detailed information besides a name and email address? Collecting payments? The answer lies in JotForm, the easiest way to create and publish tools online. Best part is if you’re accepting payments, it links directly to several platforms like PayPal or Stripe.

It’s not a free tool unless you plan on hosting short 45 minute video conferences, but it is super handy if you tend to host a lot of virtual meetings or conference calls. Much like a Google Hangout, but with one beautiful benefit…it records your meetings with the push of a button! This is a GREAT tool if you’re hosting a webinar and need the replay for further promotion or a sales program you’re launching. Cost runs about $15/month depending on what plan you need. Annual plans are available too for most cost savings.

LOVE this tool! If you’ve ever wanted to record a how-to video from your Web site sharing your screen and your audio, record a short video, edit and post on YouTube or Vimeo, then this is definitely for you. Consider this your complete editing bay without any video experience required. Free versions are available, but if you need more content recorded, it’ll run you $15 for the year! What?!? Yep, $15. You can’t afford not to.

The ultimate TIME MANAGEMENT SAVER when it comes to managing ALL your social media accounts. Set it up once, add your blog, your Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram feed and you’ll never have to visit those sites AGAIN. You can do it all from your handy dandy dashboard to view, post and comment.