If you’re looking for a community where you can just be the real you and connect with like-minded women business owners in Arizona to share, learn and laugh, then you’ve found it in the Gals’ Inspiration Hub!

What the Gals’ Inspiration Hub is:

A life and business mastermind community of authentic women who get the real you.

A place to grow both personally and professionally.

Incredibly supportive of women in business going for their dreams! In fact, a portion of each Gals’ membership goes toward an annual startup business grant awarded each year to use toward business or educational purposes. As Gals’ continues to grow, so do our grant opportunities to provide more startup businesses this special gift.

So much more than your average networking group. Gals’ is YOUR tribe: an all-in-one mentoring, marketing, motivational and resource community created especially for women in business complete with live and virtual masterminds, social connects and signature events, educational webinars, member incentives and more!

What the Gals’ Inspiration Hub is NOT:

A leads-based only group.

Industry exclusive, meaning only one person per business allowed.

A hard core networking group with a super strict agenda and an annoying buzzer, because yes, that is just humiliating, isn’t it? Every woman in attendance at our live and virtual roundtable masterminds doesn’t just receive the standard 30-second intro, but has the opportunity to share, listen, be held accountable, and learn as attendance is limited to 15 people max. Our motto is and will always be quality over quantity to ensure each member’s voice is heard. As the need for more masterminds arises around the Valley, we’ll add them!


Join the Gals’ Inspiration Hub with a FREE 30-day Trial!

Learn more about membership benefits here and become a member. Your first 30 days are on me with a free trial to Gals’ to enjoy ALL the benefits from live and virtual masterminds to a complete member profile, peer-to-peer mentoring, educational webinars, social connects and more. Activate your free 30-day trial below to get started.  There’s no obligation and you can continue or cancel at any time. 

Want to meet and connect with women prior to attending a meeting and keep up to date? Now you can! Request to join my private Facebook group here.

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