Episode 14

Get Creative with Misty Kortes of Your Marketing Coach/MistyKortes.com

Season 2 is just heating up in 2020!

Very happy to have Misty Kortes, boss lady of Your Marketing Coach Online and Misty Kortes in the studio, to share her story of startup success and where it has taken her.

Ever since she was in elementary school, she’s been challenging herself to get creative and has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. Fast-forward to today when her family moved 2,000 miles from Michigan to Arizona, she found herself in the “rut” trying to figure out her next move.

From ugly crying from a not-so-fun experience at a Target interview to making her first sale 5 hours later, she has never gone back to a day job and continues to thrive and challenge herself year after year whilst helping startups find their success.

Listen to this podcast if you want to laugh, commiserate and learn some kickass life lessons from one smart lady who has lived it all.

About Misty Kortes


Misty Kortes is the founder of Your Marketing Coach, a coaching, training, and full-service implementation marketing agency that is focused on helping small business owners scale and grow to $1 million dollars a year in revenue by helping them implement marketing strategies that work.

Misty is also an author and speaker, known for simplifying marketing for small business.

Thanks for listening 🙂

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