Episode 13

Human Beings First with Michelle DiMuria of the Bee Daring Foundation

It’s the final episode of season 1 for Success over Struggle!

In this segment, my podcast partner of the day, Kin Perry, and I introduce you to Michelle DiMuria, founder and CEO of the Bee Daring Foundation. As a victim and survivor of sexual assault and other unforeseen circumstances, Michelle could have allowed what happened to her to consume her life, and she almost did.

Instead, she used her voice to help others and since becoming a mental advocate in 2016, she has talked to over 6,000 people to remind them that they are their circumstance…they are human beings first.

Tune in to hear more of Michelle’s story, what she has on the horizon with the Bee Daring Foundation and how you can help make a difference.

About Michelle DiMuria


Michelle is a graduate student at Arizona State University. She is also the Founder, board member and CEO of the BEE Daring Foundation, a not-for-profit organization for college campuses and mental health. Its mission statement is to eradicate the stigmas surrounding mental health on college campuses. The Foundation’s vision is to educate college campuses on the effects of mental health and how to overcome it. Its target audience is college students (undergraduate, graduate, veterans, international, and transfer students), faculty and staff, friends & family, and first responders. Since becoming a mental health advocate in 2016, Michelle has created various mental health events. Winning the pitchfork award for in 2017 for the best educational program, “Mental Health Awareness Week.” Michelle has also created two amazing student organizations: Engaging Minds and the BEE Daring Advocates. Both work towards bringing awareness of the different stigmas and stereotypes that surround mental health.

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