Episode 02

Incremental Improvements with RK Springfield, Training Standards International, Inc.

In episode 2, we dive in deeper with RK Springfield, author, speaker/trainer and CEO of Training Standards International, Inc.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, RK shares that the biggest obstacle he has ever faced was in learning how others view the world. He found that most of his walls or hurdles usually came from his non-acceptance and the limitations put on him by others. It wasn’t until he decided to live and lead a happy life with his work and family and celebrate incremental improvements along the way that his life became more fulfilled – being himself no matter the circumstance.


About RK Springfield


RK Springfield is a Certified Master Trainer, and is also the CEO of TSI experience INC. By some, he is known as a modern day philosopher, and has spoken for some of the largest institutions internationally, and has helped them view themselves from a different perspective. In speaking for these institutions, he has traveled the world both learning and teaching people from all walks of life and cultures. He always finds it exciting to share a unique perspective which flows seamlessly between sober introspection and a laugh-out-loud humorous look at the world around.

RK realized and solidified the concepts he writes about so passionately, through a long life of hard knocks, and challenges which give him the vigor, and the unique viewpoint he shares with you through each of his concepts. In his own words “I’m not who I am because of any one thing…. I am who I am because I chose to be, and often in spite of everything.”

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