A heartfelt thank you to everyone below who supported me and my Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for my 6th Annual Mom Entrepreneur Celebration May 2015 in Punta Gorda, FL.

As you can see below, we surpassed the $5,000 goal! I couldn’t have done it without your generous hearts. Thank you so much for your support of my mission and passion.



With love and gratitude to the following individuals for always believing in me and to those who requested to remain anonymous.

Tara Overholser
Shamira Van Den Akker
Amanda Kennedy
Jennifer Alvarado
Regina del Mundo
Francheska Kim
Cindy Cadacio Chan
Amanda Cordero
Reynato del Mundo
Britny Garcia
Michelle Weigel
Darlene & Robert
Hanane Nahas
Kidz Head 2 Toe
Rod Taylor
Maria Wojtczak
Erin Loukili
Matt and Erika Greer
Pat and Bill Pelletier
Ramon and Amelia Kastner
Erin Edwards
Ros Guerrero
Charlotte Shaff
Andrea Brundage
Jordan Kosnick
Luchie Parker
Sarah Valdes
Priscilla Yustinich
Alisa Rogoff
Samantha Abilies
Angela Vertuccio
Kim Fuller
Candy Atriatico
Head Up & Go
Michelle and Joe Radomski