Episode 05

Learn & Adapt with Rita Hudgens, Transform University

In episode 5, we welcome Rita Hudgens in the studio. Rita is a speaker, group facilitator and founder of Transform University. She’s also a mom to four and a total gym lover.

As we dive into Rita’s story, she shares that after going through an unexpected divorce, she had to pick herself back up at the age of 53 and start over without any skillsets, funding and several limiting beliefs that stopped her in her tracks. It wasn’t until she read an inspiring story of another woman who had to learn and adapt that her confidence started to build and she set out to accomplish her goals one step at a time.

As a special gift to our podcast listeners, Rita is also giving a downloadable worksheet called “Finding Your Sweet Spot to Master Your Day” here: bit.ly/masteryoursweetspot

About Rita Hudgens


Waking Up The Warrior Within You today is Rita Hudgens. Rita is a Strength’s- Based Personal Development Coach that specializes in helping her clients overcome self-doubt and find the confidence to build the life and business they envision. She is also a Speaker, Group Facilitator, and Founder of Transform University, an company that helps Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs build the life they want. Rita’s passion is seeing lives changed. She considers her greatest calling in life to be the mom of her 4 children: Jordan, Heather, Tressa and Rock. For a couple of hours a day, you will find her at the gym. When she’s stressed, you will find her at the gym. When she’s happy, you will find her at the gym. When she’s short on time, you will find her at the gym. Please welcome coach, mom, and gym lover Rita Hudgens.

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