Episode 01

Let Go of the Safety Net with Lloyd HopkiNs, Million Dollar Teacher Project

In the Success over Struggle inaugural podcast, my co-host Ryan Parker and I dive in deeper with executive director/founder, Lloyd Hopkins, of Million Dollar Teacher Project.

In 2012, Lloyd found himself unemployed. This experience forced him into a personal journey of self-discovery and a chance to face his demons. It turned out to be the most important time in his life because he discovered his voice and the passion that eventually led him to launch MDTP.

Listen to hear his takeaway, then connect with Lloyd and find out how to get involved in this worthwhile organization paying it forward to teachers all across the Valley. 

About Lloyd Hopkins


Lloyd Hopkins is the Executive Director and Founder of Million Dollar Teacher Project, an organization aimed at increasing support for teachers inside and outside of the classroom, raising the profile of highly effective teachers and drastically improving teacher compensation to bring the teaching profession to the prestigious level it deserves so ALL students are able to receive excellent instruction every day.  Lloyd has worked in and around the education system in varied capacities. He has worked with youth offenders, dropout prevention and ran after-school recreation programs.  But, it was his time spent as a Teaching Assistant in the Alhambra School District that impacted him the most.  The combination of these experiences led to the creation of MDTP because he recognized that if we truly want to help students reach their full potential we must have amazing educators in every classroom.

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