Episode 06

Own Your Outcome with Ray Schey, Phoenix Business Journal

In episode 6, we dive right into a heartwarming conversation with marketing president and publisher of the Phoenix Business Journal Ray Schey as he shares his words of wisdom “own your outcome.”

Ray shares stories of his childhood growing up with a single mom and watching her hustle to care and provide for her family. It’s these circumstances that have made him the caring, approachable, responsible, empathetic and authentic human he is today.

Ray also highly recommends in the podcast to read the book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

Thank you, Ray, for being on the SoS podcast with us!

About Ray Schey


Ray Schey is the Market President & Publisher of the Phoenix Business Journal, a weekly business publication reaching over 60,000 business professionals in the Phoenix, AZ area. Ray is responsible for managing all day to day aspects of the publication.

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