Episode 16

Positive Mindset + Consistent Action with Ashley Bright, The Message Fixer

In episode 16, my good friend in the yellow glasses, Ashley Bright, aka The Message Fixer shares that after seven years of being in business for himself, and enduring several struggles and up and down months, he’s gaining the “momentum” by having two things – a positive mindset coupled with consistent action.

Growing up with a father who was an entrepreneur, Ashley saw firsthand what it was like and vowed to never be in business for himself. It wasn’t until he realized he was building someone else’s dreams and his stable paycheck could vanish at any moment.

Fast-forward to today, Ashley is taking control of his life and leaving a legacy for his children by teaching them key principles like this one below.

“Success is not an end goal, but rather a series of beautiful moments. Some are big, some are very small, but they all give me that feeling of pride, excitement, joy, and calm. I’m always hungry for that feeling. It’s a little like going for a long run, putting in that effort, the extra pushes where needed, and then that feeling at the end. Hard to describe, but you know it and want more of it.”

– Ashley Bright

About Ashley Bright

Ashley Bright, The Message Fixer

Ashley Bright is The Message Fixer.


He’s a father, entrepreneur, and passionate storyteller. After 18 years of pitching ideas to Fortune 500 companies in the design and marketing industry, in 2013 he founded Ashley Bright Presents to teach experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders how to avoid messaging and communication mistakes that cost them millions. 


Microsoft, HonorHealth, and ASU are amongst the many clients who rely on Ashley’s IMPACT Speaking Method to help their leaders conquer fears, avoid costly mistakes, and get the money they need to succeed.

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