raveReviewsThank you to my readers who took the time to send me a quick note or a rave review after reading my first book, When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball in 2010. Writing this book was well worth the time and energy it took to share my story with you, and to receive these thoughtful words you expressed with me.

I’m incredibly honored and humbled. Thank you!



“Sharing your personal stories made it more interesting and real.  I can relate to so many things you’ve gone through.  I admire and respect you, your work and especially your business/personal philosophy–family first.  I love the fact that being a mom, having Caleb fueled your ambitions even more–increased your energy, creativity and passion and in turn you have become a more fulfilled mom, wife, and woman. This is the essence every woman dreams to achieve.  I’m absolutely positive your book is going to be a tremendous help to many moms seeking the ever elusive sense of fulfillment and balance.  Oh yeah… the title says it all–Love it!”

Ros Guerrero

“You’ve done a really good job telling your story, and your style presents it in a way that’s easy to follow and interesting to read.  I think you do a good job of keeping it light while at the same time having an overall story-within-a-story life lesson with each chapter.  All I can say is that if I’m a guy and I’m enjoying it, I’m sure your primary target audience of women will eat this up!  Great job, Tisha.”

Cameron Cobb

When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball is a book that’s filled with life events that shaped an individual into the successful entrepreneur she is today.  It’s filled with rules of life and quotes to keep you motivated to believe that anything is possible so long as you believe in yourself.  Reading the book was truly an inspiration and will be to everyone that reads it!”

Cindy Cadacio-Chan

“I just finished your book this morning. It is a wonderful story. It’s easy reading, it isn’t pretentious, it is something many many women will be able to relate to. It is amazing how much you have accomplished at such a young age. You are an inspiration to women, particularly those that juggle business and family. The Mom Entrepreneur of the Year event was wonderful, too! For a first time event – I was amazed at how well attended it was. I also looked around and saw that it was an opportunity for friends and family to come together and celebrate each other. I definitely saw that with your family. I wish you soooooo sooooo much success. Just remember the little people that knew you when…

I am so very proud of you and I consider myself blessed to call you my friend.”

Maria Wojtczak

“Never before have I finished a book in one sitting! Got your book today and dropped everything the second I got home. I couldn’t put it down until I finished. I absolutely LOVED it, Tisha. You did such an amazing job. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m so proud of you!!! Your courage and determination is so inspiring! You cracked me up quite a few times, too. :)”

Janelle Duran

“Tisha: I received your book yesterday, I started on my lunch break and went home and read the entire thing cover to cover! I laughed, I cried (Zeus). I really enjoyed your story, it was a very fast read, and I will recommend your book to my friends. Good luck on your new journey!”

Kellee J.

“I absolutely love it and think any mom business owner has to read it!!!  I found myself relating to a lot of what you went through to get where you are now. I’ve laughed and cried throughout the whole book. Great job, Tisha!!!”

Jodi Rios-Towns

“Just a quick note to let you know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your book!  I finished it a few days ago and so enjoyed reading it.  I had a blast reading about all your friends in business – especially since I’ve met or know several of them.  What a treat!  Now I understand why everyone said they couldn’t put it down until they were done reading it!  I did the same thing.  Great work…can’t wait for your next one!”

Karen Nowicki

“I wanted to let you know that I saw your book at my brother’s house and asked him if I could take it and read it. I am in the middle of Chapter 10 and I must say you are a FANTASTIC writer.  Your book is very inspirational. Being a new mom, it is hard for me to get out and make friends and get to know others, but by reading your book I am realizing that it just takes one small step to create a lasting relationship.

I just thought I would write you to let you know that I am really enjoying your book. Thanks for writing it :)”

Crystal P.

“Tisha’s book is a great read.  You’ll laugh, cry, commiserate and walk away knowing you’re not the ONLY one going through some wacky days!”

Laurie Fagen

“I recommend Tisha’s first novel.  I appreciate crossing paths with ladies committed to following their dreams!”

Nichole L. Scott

“Tisha, I just read your Stress Management 4 Women article and was compelled to reach out.  Your words, professional history, and outlook on the direction of the universe resonated with me.  We share similar approaches to life and work.  You have a wonderful way with words.  Your authenticity shines.”

Jill Mazza

“It was a really good read! Even though I am not a mom entrepreneur, I was able to relate to a good portion of the book… here are some of my favorite parts of the book…I love the rules of life, very encouraging and inspiring…if I was an aspiring business owner and just starting out, I would have broken out the highlighter through chapters 2-5.  I love the way you network and put yourself out there making opportunities for yourself and not just sitting back wondering why nothing is happening, I have heard that story one too many times.  I am absolutely with you on your karma philosophy and how there is enough business out there for everyone, well not as much now, but it is really starting to turn around :).  I had a quick gut check reading chapter 8.  We also took a big hit, but you hit it right on the head with rule #18 (although there was a tiny, little bit of panic lol )…I tell you what, I remember Sean as a laid back, no nonsense kind of guy, so reading about how excited he got about the pregnancy then learning it was a boy was pretty cool, glad to see his emotion.  The mom entrepreneur network that you have created while running two additional businesses is amazing.  What I really liked about the book was I would forget that I was reading and it was almost like you were across the table telling me your life story, personal touches were perfect to create that affect.  I have become a little too content with my life, happy with what I have accomplished, but after reading your book, hearing about your drive and determination, you just lit a little fire under me.  Excellent job, Tisha.”

Eric Gomez

“I finished and LOVED your book.  It is interesting.  I have an attachment to you, and I feel like you really opened up and I got to learn about all your qualities, difficult times and relationships, as well as the influential and wonderful relationships (ups and downs) in your life.  A whole person made human and an inspiration to so many.”

Karen Kanefsky

“Hi Tisha…hope things have been going well for you. Just wanted to let you know I’ve read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it!  In fact, I jotted down some notes as I was reading it!  There are so many things that were running through my mind, or in some cases, down my cheeks (thanks for making me look like a total wimp at the coffee shops!) as I was reading your excellent book. I’m being completely honest when I say I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am very much looking forward to the sequel!”

Frank Palmeri