Startup Entrepreneur Academy

Starting a business and taking the entrepreneurial leap is quite daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be. Introducing the Startup Entrepreneur Academy, my newest program, which is an all-inclusive and affordable online course that combines countless resources, industry experts, and 1:1 accountability and mentoring sessions designed to set you up for business success. Industry experts invest in you and your business to see it through from the ground up and a price that won’t break your bank.



90-Minute Dream It, Do It Business Strategy Session

If you have a business idea in your head or are just starting your business, you may find you need a little guidance or fresh perspective to start moving forward. In my 90-minute, virtual Dream It, Do It sessions, you’ll leave with a tremendous amount of value, ideas and a game plan to move you forward. There is no limit to how many Dream It, Do It sessions you can book with me. It’s like having a mentor on call whenever you need it.


1:1 Business & Marketing Mentoring Program

Once you know where you want to go, or even if you could use some guidance, my 1:1 Business & Marketing Mentoring Program is a great next step to help get you there faster and hold you accountable through one-on-one support. No longer do you need to go through your entrepreneurial journey alone. We do this…together! Through my 4-month intensive program, you’ll gain confidence and be more committed to your business once we put an action plan in place using my 3 Pillars to Your Business Success: Mentoring, Mindset & Marketing. This program is open to men and women, whether aspiring entrepreneurs or in the infant-stages of their product or service-based business.  


Marketing & Event Services

If your business is stuck not knowing how to take it to the next level, or if you simply don’t have the desire to market your company, but know you need it, allow me to step in. With over 15 years of experience working with various industries, my full-service virtual marketing firm works directly with you to ensure your business keeps progressing forward through sound marketing strategies we implement for you. Planning an event? Let Tisha Marie Enterprises get your event set up the right way and consult you on your event’s timeline, budget, layout, marketing strategies and contractors.


Vision Development Workshopsuylv-workshop-badge-blue-150x150

A great place to start your journey is having a vision of where you want to see yourself both in life and in business. In my Unfold Your Vision, Shift Your Mindset workshop, I help you gain clarity and direction on what you want to accomplish, then work with you to figure out the how, whilst unblocking your mind from any limiting beliefs you’re experiencing. You will be amazed at what you can and will accomplish once you get clear on what YOU want out of life.


Lunch & Learn Educational Webinarslaptop-1367299_640

For entrepreneurs and business professionals on the go, my Lunch & Learn Educational Webinars allow you to get caught up on new trends, best practices, and tools to keep you moving forward, but without the travel time. Join me live each month as I welcome a special guest presenter, or watch the recording at your leisure. Each webinar is guaranteed to teach you something new you can use in life, business, or both! Interested in becoming a webinar presenter? Contact me to chat further.


Gals’ Inspiration Hub

Gals' Inspiration HubLooking to connect with like-minded, real women without feeling like you have to impress? Then have I got the community for you. The Gals’ Inspiration Hub was created for women entrepreneurs in any industry, who want a space to hold a conversation with others without feeling like they’re getting sold to or judged. Through virtual and live mastermind meetings, educational webinars and social events, Arizona women entrepreneurs get a chance to build meaningful relationships and market their business through our online directory and website, all while having a safe space to bounce ideas, share, learn, be held accountable and grow personally and professionally with one another. Click the link to activate your 30-day free trial.  


Grant Opportunity for Startup Businesses

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to believe in your idea, but have two things hold you back: money and resources. After receiving a grant in 2010 for my previous business, The Mom-e Club, I vowed to pay it forward and do the same for other startup businesses and reward a business the same opportunity I had. The recipient of my annual grant will receive $1,000 or more, in cash free and clear as this is NOT a loan, plus other incredible resources and benefits to help bring him/her closer to their dream. Application deadlines February 28, 2018. The recipient will be notified in April/May 2018 during National Small Business Week. Click the link above for details on how to apply. 


Live & Virtual Speaking Engagements or Facilitator Services

SpeakerSearching for a dynamic speaker for your next event? With a passion for inspiring others, Tisha has emceed and spoken to numerous entrepreneur, collegiate, school districts and women’s organizations on a variety of topics all geared toward boosting self-confidence, self-esteem and empowering others to never give up. She has led and facilitated well over 200 meetings and events and welcomes the opportunity to do so for your organization. Contact Tisha to learn more and for pricing information.