2018 is here! Are you ready for it?

If you have never created a vision board for yourself, or if it has been a while and yours needs some serious updating, now’s your chance!

Join in as Tisha facilitates her”Unfold Your Vision, Shift Your Mindset” workshop Sunday, January 28, 2018 from 10am to 2pm in downtown Gilbert.

In this half-day workshop, attendees will: 

  • Meet others in an intimate, fun and creative setting to share what your vision is
  • Unblock any obstacles and shift your mind from the impossible to the possible through a meditation exercise
  • Let your creative juices flow as you craft your own unique, infinite vision mini-book you can proudly display in your office, or fold and keep it in your wallet to constantly remind you what you want in life

Workshop includes: 

  • Networking opportunities to meet others in a fun and calming environment
  • Refreshments and brunch
  • Guided meditation exercises with Joy Carter of Joyous Life Coaching and techniques to help free your mind of any roadblocks you’re experiencing to accomplish your vision
  • All the materials you’ll need to design your very own vision mini-book
  • A chance to share and manifest into the world what you’ve created with us
  • A day of self-care focused solely on you


Cost: $15