Episode 10

Purposeful, Profitable, Pivot with Jarrett Ransom, The Rayvan Group

In episode 10, Jarrett Ransom, CEO of the consulting company, the Rayvan Group, joins me in the 3125 Studio and shares what it takes to “be resilient” in business.

After a stint of entrepreneurial journeys that began with owning her own pool cleaning company to running her own nonprofit, she finally found the winning combination when she discovered her talent – seeing the future of nonprofit organizations and helping them create sustainable fundraising strategies.

Tune in to learn about Jarrett’s Success over Struggle story, including how she’s raising the next up and coming entrepreneur, her son Tanner.

Side note: We experienced some technical difficulties with the sound that day (it happens!), but all good! Please enjoy this episode! We hope it inspires you to find your purposeful, profitable pivot!

About Jarrett Ransom

jarret ransom
Jarrett is a community champion. She has lived her life through inspired actions and is constantly empowering other people to find their joy. She is a self-professed Nonprofit Nerd and started The Rayvan Group in 2009 after losing her full-time development job. Jarrett brings more than 20 years of experience with international, national and local nonprofit organizations. She has successfully managed development and communications functions for more than 10 campaigns with a combined goal totaling $16 million. Jarrett has also served on more than 5 capital campaign teams totaling $86+ mil.
If you like to HAVE FUN {+ a few laughs} while making a BIG IMPACT in your community, you have met your match!

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