Resources to Better Balance Life, Business & You

In this technology-driven world, there is so much out there that can help grow your business or improve your life.  But, we don’t always have the time to go find these resources, right?

I’m constantly coming across amazing websites, articles and tips others should know about.  And when I do, rest assured, I’ll list it here.  Likewise, if you come across a site or article you feel should be shared, let me know. My goal is to continue growing this list with ALL of OUR recommendations. Thanks in advance!


business resourcesBusiness Resources
Marketing, legal, and other great business finds.

finance resourcesFinance Resources
Budgeting worksheets, financial words of wisdom, plus sites that guarantee they’ll save you money.

free tools
Free Tools
My most coveted list! Low cost or free tools to help you gain back time, energy and your sanity.



self-care resources
Self-Care Resources
We could all use a good lesson in setting forth some well deserved “me” time. Visit these sites to help you take better care of you to take better care of “them.”


resources for moms
Mom-e Resources
As moms, we could use a little help. Or, make that a lot. Learn more about some helpful tips for the “parenting” hat you wear.

member directoryMember Directory
Meet the members of the Gals’ Inspiration Hub, get to know and connect with them here.