Some glowing testimonials to show how much women love the Gals’ Inspiration Hub and how much we love them, too!

“For those who don’t know her, Tisha is an amazing woman who runs a fantastic networking group for women that is like no other. She has been so incredible to me and I’m grateful to know her. Check out her page Tisha Marie Enterprises and consider joining the Gals’ Inspiration Hub for support as an entrepreneur, mom, and woman.”

Michelle Cordero, East Valley Infant Massage

“I find simplification to be the key to many aspects of life from fashion to business. As a lifelong learner I was constantly listening to free webinars and podcasts for ways to better my business. I found myself distracted by all the information and when I joined the Gal’s Inspiration Hub I made a conscious decision to cut back dramatically on the things I was listening to. I chose to depend on the monthly Hub meetings and webinars as my main source of business information. This has simplified my business because I’m no longer tempted by Facebook ads promising that their product is going to be the secret to a six figure business. I’ve learned that no matter how you dice it up, business is hard work and there is no fast track. 

The second reason I joined the Gal’s Hub is for community. I love having the girlfriends in my neighborhood who are moms, just like me, and they serve as a great resource when I want to know the best school teachers or the latest way to cook vegetables, but when I wanted to know the fastest way to publish a book or how to narrow my target market I would turn to my good friend Google. I’ve found having business friends in the Hub to bounce ideas off of to be worth its weight in gold.”

– Tiffany Cook, Grown Up Dress Up

“I just really want to say thank you to you for creating a space for us to get to know each other, and of course, let each other know what we do, but then talk about who we are, what’s going on in our lives, challenges we’re facing and how we can support each other with ideas, etc.  It’s such a much more pleasant atmosphere and I look forward to going to your meetings and getting to know more women just because they’re nice people.  Period. 

You are a gift to the world…in many ways! But today I’m appreciating you for this particular way!”

Eva Dwight, Creative Coaching Conversations

“Tisha’s organization is a great way to meet like minded women, explore some of the challenges of being a woman entrepreneur and get inspired. Her group is an excellent opportunity for small business women to find a safe place to explore networking that is comfortable and not overwhelming.”

– Nicole Bandes, Life System Organizer

“…We all have these guards up, afraid to let new people in. Let them down! You’ll be surprised. This group is more than strictly business, it’s more like a secret band of entrepreneurial sisterhood you don’t run into very often.”

– Melissa Garcia, Oh! MG Photography

“If there are any mom or women entrepreneurs out there who have not heard about this group, you should check it out. Great group of women and business owners!”
– Erin Loukili, Lucky You Creative

“This is a different kind of networking group.  For me, I was drawn to the fact that it’s a place for women to be real…Tisha’s group offers a place of community and strength, as well as a soft place to fall and be understood in a moment of weakness. There are no other groups out there with this same dynamic…”

– Dawn Hershey, Melaleuca

“Tisha has a way of making this group a comfortable and safe environment for sharing with others. I leave each meeting feeling calm and uplifted.”

– Luanne Foster, CAbi

“Tisha, I want you to know that what you have is one of the most wonderful organizations ever. I truly believe that. I believe in you. Thanks so much!”

– Alyson Porter, Kinder Keepsakes

“Thought provoking, sisterhood, deeper connections, safety, mentoring, refreshing…”
(Some of the many words our members use to describe this group.)

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to be part of the group. I’ve met so many wonderful women. Also, thank you for your book! I just started reading it and it is so inspirational. 🙂:) I’m looking forward to attending the next meeting.”

– Jennifer Zoglman, Astute Hoot

“I love this group, and I’ve been to MANY different networking groups. I am thrilled to have found you all!”

– Jamie Allen Bishop, Reflexology & Toe Reading by Jamie

“Tisha, I loved coming to the meeting this morning and meeting you and the other girls. 🙂 You are truly inspiring and I can understand why you will be featured on TV in January. Love your warmth and uplifting spirit and really love the concept you have created.”

– Heidi Phillips, Juice Plus+

“Tisha, great newsletter! I continue to be impressed by the quality of your organization.”

– Tricia Brynski, Good Bad Stick

“I really appreciate the group and the business connections, as well as the friendships, so it’s my priority networking organization. And kudos to you for creating this amazing network!” 

– Eva Dwight, Creative Coaching Conversations

“I joined the group to be around other women entrepreneurs for ideas, support and encouragement.  That is exactly what I have received over the past few years.  I like being part of a group where I am understood from so many different angles.”

– Kim Fuller, Fuller Life Concepts

“I love being a member! I have met so many fabulous women from this group. I have made some wonderful relationships that have turned into lasting friendships. Many of these women may have started off as my customers, but I love that now they are both friends and customers!  I have also learned many valuable business tips from very meaningful discussions. The group welcomes all different kinds of entrepreneurs, whether you have your own unique business, work in corporate America and are an aspiring entrepreneur, or are an independent representative for a network marketing company. It is also not industry exclusive, so more than one person from that industry can attend. You can also have 2 people from the same company attend! I love that flexibility as well.”

– Alisa Rogoff

“As a growing community of women entrepreneurs, this group helps to build friendships beyond the meeting agenda and meetings. I have built genuine friendships with other members and enjoy encouraging women to keep living their dream!”

– Jarrett Ransom, ReAwaken for Women

“I look forward to the meetings. I walk away from each one with a few ideas that will help with my personal life and business.  It is also rewarding to know that through my stories, others can relate and learn from my experiences.” 

– Kelly Courvisier