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Adam Komoroski
Adam Komoroski
First, she cares and really wants to do all she can to do the best for her clients. She understands how to brand and guide her clients through a successful process to get them where they want and need to go. She will see things that you don't and put you down the correct path. She was able to see and show me I was not doing what I really enjoy doing and helped me pivot. She's an excellent connector and helps connect you with the right people whenever she can. She has a nice and easy structure to work through. Her team that she brings in to help is top notch. Like anything worthwhile, there is work involved to get where we want to go. Tisha is a great person to work with to help get you there and be held accountable. You will be VERY happy to work with her! I know I am!
Jeremy Fierstein
Jeremy Fierstein
I hired Tisha Marie Enterprises to help take my "grassroots" marketing style to a significantly more professional look and feel. Her leadership, knowledge, and overall stellar personality has not only been a breath of fresh air, but has me THRILLED about the FierceTeam Real Estate brand and what it's transforming into. I'd been looking for months for someone of Tisha's caliber and am truthfully lucky to have found her. Tisha is a branding coach, but also so much more. She helped me create a sense of identity for my brand that directly reflects who I am as a person. There's a reason why big businesses have such large branding budgets, b/c branding is SO important to businesses, big and small. Together, we've been working on website development, SEO, lifestyle photography, creating a unique brand identity, and so much more. If you have a need...connect with Tisha! She's now "my people" and will continue to help me build and sustain my business!
Sharon Tuttle
Sharon Tuttle
Tisha recently gave a talk at our student networking event and she NAILED it! The students were engaged learning about authentically navigating professional relationships, especially on LinkedIn. Tisha is always a natural and so genuine when she communicates and teaches. We learned so much from her and we absolutely look forward to working with her again! Thanks Tisha!
Priscila Abillene
Priscila Abillene
Who would've thought that I'd get the opportunity to work with this awesome lady thanks to my partner asking about her Wonder Woman shoes? Lol not me, but let me tell you I'm so happy he did! It started with her helping us get our business on the right track, then we enjoyed working together so much that we get to do multiple projects with her now. If you're looking to work with fun, passionate and all around amazing people, Tisha is the one you should know! Not only she's a positive and inspiring person herself, but she always helps you connect with more people like her! You can tell that she loves what she does and truly enjoys creating those real connections between her and others. And I love that! We need more people like her out there. So trust me, you need Wonder Tish in your life! 🙂
Michael Brady
Michael Brady
Tisha, you're such a blessing!!! Your infectious smile, addictive personality and your gift of communication has touched many lives.....including mine. You're an important vessel that's making differences in lives that's incredibly awesome. I'm a big fan of yours. Thank you for inspiring and educating me!
Tisha has a true service heart, she took the time to listen and understand what my goals were, to answer all my questions. Through our conversation she gave me the ability to get clear on what I needed to do to achieve my goals. She’s full of empathy and is passionate about what she does. The experience was so genuine and organic, I am looking forward to working with her again soon. Thank you Tisha for being a part of giving my dream that breath of life it needed. ????????????????????
James Christensen
James Christensen
I have known Tisha for about 2 1/2 years and have really enjoyed working together. Between Social Connect, Tisha Marie Enterprises with marketing and branding or real estate services, she is an easy referral. Tisha is authentic, focused, understands the benefits of balance and is a real treat to work with. I definitely consider her a good friend as well!
Sarah-Gayle Galbreath
Sarah-Gayle Galbreath
I have interacted with Tisha personally and been to three of her events. Every moment spent with her leaves me encouraged and every event keeps getting better. As a small business owner it is an absolute treat to encounter a genuine, authentic and supportive atmosphere where you get to know and cheer on other small business owners. The atmosphere is truly a reflection of the type of person Tisha is. I am thankful for her courage to dream and create; and her kindness to invite myself, and so many others, along with her on the journey.
Michael Koenig
Michael Koenig
I met Tisha at a local networking event and right away was impressed by her professionalism and knowledge. We set-up an appointment the following week to go over my personal branding and how to leverage my prior career with my real estate business. Our 30-minute call turned into an hour and for the first time in the year I have been a realtor I have a plan to work from and more so, am excited to run with it. I highly recommend Tisha to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. Thank you, Tisha and I look forward to working more with you in the future.

Eva Dwight

“I just really want to say thank you to you for creating a space for us to get to know each other, and of course, let each other know what we do, but then talk about who we are, what’s going on in our lives, challenges we’re facing and how we can support each other with ideas, etc.  It’s such a much more pleasant atmosphere and I look forward to going to your events and getting to know nice people.  Period.  You are a gift to the world…in many ways! But today I’m appreciating you for this particular way!”

Faith Williams

“Hey there Tisha!

You are on the right track mentoring others! I know that I need you. I would not have come out of the shell I’ve talked myself into. You inspire me and I’m proud that you agreed to be my mentor. From my experience so far, you are reachable. What I mean by that is, you are present and available. This journey I have started with you feels like you are truly walking with me and not dragging me along. Thank you!”

Zen Benefiel

“Tisha’s passion and purpose are obvious in her personal and professional relationships that inspire others to achieve their dreams by putting them into action plans. Her inspired living is exemplary of new-millennial leadership that has phenomenal influence on those she serves. I highly recommend her for any person who is seeking to expand their personal and professional horizons in business or life.”

Nicole Bandes

“Tisha’s organization is a great way to meet like-minded business professionals, explore some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur and get inspired. Her events are an excellent opportunity for small businesses to find a safe place to explore networking that is comfortable and not overwhelming.”

Ryan Stoll

“You are a rockstar and support to so many (including myself!)”

Michelle Cordero

“For those who don’t know her, Tisha is an amazing woman. She has been so incredible to me and I’m grateful to know her. Check out her page Tisha Marie Enterprises for support as an entrepreneur, mom, and woman.”

Maria Wojtczak

“I have known Tisha for years now. Our relationship started out as Client-Marketing Consultant and then along the way we became friends. Tisha is a gem, she’s real, her books are real and I am so happy to have “connected” with her those years ago. She intrigued me at a networking event, I had her card and I gave her a call, so glad I did! Read her books. They will make you laugh, her stories paint such great mental images – especially the white duck story!! Love ya, Tisha!”

Charissa Dantas

“I really loved my Dream It, Do It session with Tisha. She really helped me put together a clear message with my elevator speech and helped me uncover my “why” in business. She has a unique gift with coming up with amazing ideas and knows exactly how to put together a clear and eloquent message that’ll knock your socks off. I also received a better idea on what I should be calling myself in order to be more unique to my clients in just our one 90-minute session together.”

Catherine Anaya

“I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Tisha on live television and she is a fabulous, informed and energetic guest. I also had the pleasure of having the roles reversed as a panelist at one of her Social Connect PHX events. I have affectionately taken to calling her ‘One-Take Tisha” because she is so effortless in front of the camera and on the microphone. She is genuine in everything she does and her authenticity shines.” 

Bobby Jefferson

” In my opinion, Tisha is a rare motivational speaker. She has the uncanny ability to uplift and inspire people via her story without appearing self-serving. Her infectious personality, coupled with being grounded and the ability to empower others, are rare attributes that makes her a natural born leader. I see daily motivational post on LinkedIn, but I find myself purposely looking for her post. I highly recommend her as a motivational speaker and a business mentor.” 

Adam Colwell

“When I met with Tisha for my first Dream It, Do It session, I simply wanted insight on how to post top-notch video content on social media. Not only did she deliver on that request, but she completely changed my paradigm about how to best communicate in EVERY way on social media. She showed me the value of being myself, even to the point of vulnerability, and connecting with people on a personal basis. She encouraged me to focus on the felt needs they have that I can meet as a fellow business leader and friend, not just as a book editor and ghostwriter. I came away educated, enthused, and excited to reexamine and relaunch my social media efforts. In a word, Tisha is magnificent! She gave me her full attention, and I valued every moment with her.”