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Eva Dwight

“I just really want to say thank you to you for creating a space for us to get to know each other, and of course, let each other know what we do, but then talk about who we are, what’s going on in our lives, challenges we’re facing and how we can support each other with ideas, etc.  It’s such a much more pleasant atmosphere and I look forward to going to your events and getting to know  nice people.  Period.  You are a gift to the world…in many ways! But today I’m appreciating you for this particular way!”

Faith Williams

“Hey there Tisha!

You are on the right track mentoring others! I understand having that question pop up in your head and entertaining it if only for a moment. I know that I need you. I would not have come out of the shell I’ve talked myself into. You inspire me and I’m proud that you agreed to be my mentor. From my experience so far, you are reachable. What I mean by that is, you are present and available and not doing too much. This journey I have started with you feels like you are truly walking with me and not dragging me along. Thank you!”

Zen Benefiel

“Tisha’s passion and purpose are obvious in her personal and professional relationships that inspire others to achieve their dreams by putting them into action plans. Her inspired living is exemplary of new-millennial leadership that has phenomenal influence on those she serves. I highly recommend her for any person who is seeking to expand their personal and professional horizons in business or life.”

Nicole Bandes

“Tisha’s organization is a great way to meet like-minded business professionals, explore some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur and get inspired. Her events are an excellent opportunity for small businesses to find a safe place to explore networking that is comfortable and not overwhelming.”

Ryan Stoll

“You are a rockstar and support to so many (including myself!)”

Michelle Cordero

“For those who don’t know her, Tisha is an amazing woman. She has been so incredible to me and I’m grateful to know her. Check out her page Tisha Marie Enterprises for support as an entrepreneur, mom, and woman.”

Charissa Dantas

“I really loved my Dream It, Do It session with Tisha. She really helped me put together a clear message with my elevator speech and helped me uncover my “why” in business. She has a unique gift with coming up with amazing ideas and knows exactly how to put together a clear and eloquent message that’ll knock your socks off. I also received a better idea on what I should be calling myself in order to be more unique to my clients in just our one 90-minute session together.”