When I think about leveling up, it brings me back to two words.

Chocolate cake.

And not just any chocolate cake. The All-American chocolate fudge cake from Costco. If you have ever tried this delicious piece of heaven, you know what I’m talking about. Sadly, Costco discontinued it and instead of being six tiers, it’s now two. What the heck were they thinking?!?

So, why chocolate cake, you ask?

I’ve always been the type of girl to celebrate her wins no matter what size they are. The day I released my last book What Are the Odds? – A mom shares her good, bad and what the f*ck moments in life & business in February 2018, I planned myself a book signing party and as I was picking up this delectable goodness at Costco, I casually asked the bakery department if I could write a message on it. They happily said yes and I wrote “YOU DID IT!!!” in big purple letters.

I strolled around Costco with this enormous cake in my cart and when I got to the register and people saw what was written on it, they couldn’t help but ask who did what. I smiled and exclaimed, “I wrote a book!!!” They congratulated me and there was an instant dance party going on in the aisle.

Ever since that day and every event I hosted after, chocolate cake was a staple. It was one thing that set me apart from every other event out there. Call it my Tisha signature piece. So simple, yet very memorable. I became known as the girl who brings a massive cake to her events. Not a bad way to stand out and create a lasting experience.

When I kicked off Social Connect in April 2018 at my former venue, I always brought the cake, but I also had to bring everything with me to serve it – the plates, plastic forks, a knife and napkins. I was definitely in the trenches, although I didn’t mind it. Being an event planner for years, you learn to bring everything and the kitchen sink with you.

Tisha Pelletier holding chocolate cake at Social Connect PHXIt wasn’t until my first time hosting Social Connect PHX at Dave & Busters on February 26, 2019 when everything suddenly changed.

I strolled into the venue with my red wagon, the cake, the napkins, the forks and plates ready to set up when Vanessa Hintalla, head of events, shot me a surprised look.

“Where shall I put the cake and everything to serve it?” I asked her.

And then the most beautiful words came out of her mouth.

“Tisha, we’ve got forks, plates and napkins here. Put the cake on the table and we’ll take care of it for you. You never have to bring those things ever again!”

I was speechless.

My friend Nat was helping me set up and when he heard the conversation, he couldn’t help but laugh and smile with me as he had been there since day one.

This may not mean anything significant to you, but to me, it meant I was no longer in the trenches. I had LEVELED UP!

I vividly remember sharing a #convoinmycamry video shortly after this experience with the caption, “When do you know you’ve arrived?”

This was the exact moment when I knew I wasn’t going backwards, only forward and it made me appreciate the journey to get there that much sweeter. As sweet as, well, Costco chocolate cake, which brings me to this rule of life lesson.

We all have to start somewhere and somewhere is in the trenches working like crazy, doing it all and more to build our dreams. Trust me. Being in the trenches won’t last forever and when you get to your moment of glory when you know darn well you’ve arrived, take a moment to pause, reflect and celebrate just how far you’ve come.


Rule of Life Lesson #107:  

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