When I first launched my event Social Connect PHX in April 2018, my former co-host and I had this idea to create a podcast. Every time we’d get together, he’d tell me about two of his co-workers who started one in their apartment with nothing but their coffee table and a couple of microphones and Zoom. Their podcast made it big to the point where they were able to monetize, attract sponsors and eventually sell it.

We’d talk about it all the time, but we never moved our podcast into action. Just as the inspirational quotes say, you can envision everything you want in life, but if you don’t put action behind your vision, it remains a pretty good pipe dream.

After he and I went our separate ways in January 2019 (see rule of life lesson # 108), the podcast idea kept popping into my head. After interviewing quite a few leaders and entrepreneurs on my live panel, Success over Struggle, it occurred to me why not dive in deeper with my guests and make THIS the podcast?

I had zero clue where to start, but that’s the beautiful thing about Google and finding people who are ten steps ahead of you – there’s an endless supply of research and built-in resources.

My colleague Ryan had an in-home studio and offered to help me create the intro and outro which I still use to this day. My graphic design extraordinaire, Jaclyn, created the podcast cover art, Ryan and I set up a couple dates to batch podcast interviews with PHX leaders and entrepreneurs, and just like that, instant podcast!

Success over Struggle Podcast Cover ArtRyan helped me out with the first handful of podcasts and when I had gotten more comfortable and confident running the show, he moved onto other ventures and I took the podcast solo, found a studio and kept moving ahead eventually getting a podcast website too sponsored by Webflux Online.

Starting out though, I was clueless! I had to ask a ton of questions, figure out where to host this “said” podcast, how to add it to other platforms, create audiograms, you name it.

Now having completed season 2 and 25 Success over Struggle episodes  with more to come in season 3 this fall, the podcast world doesn’t seem as scary as it did when I was first contemplating whether or not I’d like this or if I should even go for it. Like everything we set out to do, it gets easier as we keep going.

Sometimes we overthink things too much to the point where it paralyzes us into taking even one step forward. It’s all in our heads.

Tisha in the podcast studio at The Forum in Chandler, Arizona

In the podcast studio at The Forum in Chandler, Arizona.

If you have any idea that’s keeping you up at night, you owe it to yourself to let your brilliance out. Does it mean that if you get started and realize it’s not your thing, you have to continue? NOPE! It means that you have these incredible opportunities to test, try and eventually find the things you’re passionate about to continue doing.

Think about all these amazing inventors, artists and creators out there. Do you think if they just sat on their ideas out of fear and did nothing with it, they’d be where they are today? And where would WE be without them?

Stop holding back and stop giving into the excuses. Today’s a good a day as any to get started on your tour and adventure. It’s time to put action behind your vision and make those things you desire happen. ❤


Rule of Life Lesson #115: