Something I recommend every single person have is a “places I’m visiting” bucket list. We all need that. It keeps us in a constant state of “when and where will my next adventure be” mode. Even if getting there seems so far away, we can’t manifest it if we don’t first envision it, right?

Among the top places on my list are Boston, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti (huts on the water? count me in!) and Costa Rica.

Last August, I crossed Costa Rica OFF the bucket list thanks to my best friend, Gwen. We were having dinner when she leaned in and told me that for my big 40th, she and her husband Jim were taking me and my husband Sean on a little trip to Costa Rica.

Seriously. WHAT?

Me and Gwen in Costa Rica

I didn’t believe her. I thought she was joking until she told me she knew I always wanted to go there per my life’s bucket list and had the whole trip mapped out.

First off, what friend does THAT?!? I was completely speechless.

I LOVE this girl for gifting me one of the greatest experiences I’ll always remember. Experiences over gift cards! I’m sticking to that motto. (See rule of life lesson #104 on the experience I gave my mom for her 70th)

We flew out on August 22, 2019, landed in Liberia and planned a trip with absolutely zero adulting. Thankfully, the in-laws were taking care of our kiddos back in Arizona so we could venture out and explore.

Never have we done so much in a short amount of time! Within four days, we had beach hopped to every inch of sand we could find, feasted on the most amazing seafood and drinks overlooking the ocean, went horseback riding, mini white water rafting, ziplining and repelling through the jungle, dove into crystal blue waterfalls, lounged on our private beach (at $60/night for our VRBO, can’t beat that with a stick!) and topping off our adventure, snorkeled with the sea turtles and watched a family of humpback whales dance in front of us.

These are things you can only experience when you actually SEE the world.

Material things? Yeah, they’re short lived and provide you with only temporary satisfaction and happiness, but if you truly want to enjoy and live life to the fullest, add “adventure” to your top list of priorities, make time for it and start exploring, you can start with going through myrecipechecklist. The best part? Adventures don’t need to be to far away places. My family and I have made countless memories driving north a couple hours and finding hidden gems right in our own backyard.

If you ask me what’s worth saving for, it’s my next great adventure when we can get back to it!

Rule of Life Lesson #117: