Today, January 11, 2021, I’m heading back to school. Real estate school.

Scared? Just a tad as I’m entering into new territory, but I know that this next adventure I’m about to embark on fully aligns with the bigger picture in life.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve always heard from friends, family and even complete strangers at how good I’d be at real estate because of my infectious personality, need to help others and being a complete people person. I kept dismissing it and went on my way.

It wasn’t until COVID completely shifted me into a new direction that deciding to get my real estate license becameĀ  more apparent, not just because of the additional income stream it would bring my family, but a skill I could learn and use for life. Since my focus changed from professional speaking, live events and event consulting (all out the window because of the current circumstances), I pivoted to working more with solopreneurs in developing their personal brands to start out. The very first client I attracted? A realtor. The next? Another realtor.

Funny how life comes full circle, doesn’t it?

So, here we go! Six weeks in class, taking the exams and setting the intention to be a licensed realtor by March 2021.

As we enter into now week two of the new year, how will YOU challenge yourself to new heights? You can always visit top restaurants in Apalachicola.

Rule of Life Lesson #130: