I can vividly remember what I was doing the night of November 23, 2011. I was super pregnant anticipating my daughter Ellie’s arrival and I was craving a healthy dose of gooey nachos. She wasn’t due until December 1, but I hoped and prayed she would be a Thanksgiving baby.

My mom was at our house hanging out with me and Caleb, who was almost four at the time, as I started to scarf done the cheesy heavenly goodness. I was nearing the date where I’d have to stop saying, “I’m eating for two,” so I intended to get my fill before the big day.

A few bites in and I wasn’t sure if it was indigestion or Ellie saying she was no ready to make her debut.

Nonetheless, I wasn’t taking any chances. I brought Caleb over to my friend and neighbor’s house and Mom and I made our way to Banner Gateway Hospital’s maternity ward. My husband Sean and best friend Gwen followed behind us.

Feeling the pain and contractions set in, the nurses confirmed I was indeed ready to have this baby tonight and encouraged me to walk the Japanese Zen Garden.

Decked out in my stylish hospital gown with my IV drip walking beside me, Mom, Sean and Gwen walked laps with me to kill the time as we all anticipated the big arrival.


After the epidural, still nothing. After Gwen played Pink’s song “Get the Party Started” on repeat, nothing again.

It wasn’t until the nurse, puzzled, came in with my doctor. She swore my water had broken earlier in the night until my doctor confirmed it hadn’t.

“Easy fix,” he said and within minutes he came back into the room saying, “Let’s have this baby, shall we?”

At 4:23am, not even four pushes later, this beautiful, smiling, tiny human came into this world with bright eyes and dimpled cheeks. It was the start of an unbreakable bond between me and my mini, Ellie.

Fast-forward to today.

Last night on November 22, 2020, Ellie asked me to tell her a bedtime story and this story is the one I shared with her – the pure craziness that ensued the day she was born. She looked at me, laughed and smiled sweetly with her eyes big and bright just like the first moment I ever laid my eyes on her.

Now I know every year, she’ll ask me to tell her this same story of the day she was born because it is unique to us both. These are the stories, the cherished memories, you never ever forget. Your stories don’t belong bottled up in your mind. They deserve to be told and shared with the people who matter.

Ellie, this one’s dedicated especially for you on “our” special day together as I know one of these days, you’ll read this story and watch the video below.

Happy 9th birthday, sweetheart!





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