We were one week into digital schooling and the COVID pandemic. Zeroed in on technology for days, my son Caleb occupied our desk in the loft, my daughter Ellie in the living room and I was in my office. We were all vying for a piece of the internet connection.

What went from working solo for six hours of the day to now once again, figuring out how to start over and helping kiddos get online, was quite the adjustment. My head hurt, but what option did parents really have?

Most days, I felt like I was in a buffering wi-fi commercial where I’d start off with a strong connection then immediately get the pop-up disclaimer, “Your connection is unstable.”  Frustrating.

Being the mom, I put my kiddos’ needs ahead of mine and gave them the net during school hours while I resorted back to good old fashioned pen and paper so they could focus without distraction.

Vision mini bookWhat always helped me bounce back was getting my mind set straight and releasing my creative juices. With Ellie sitting beside me at the dining room table on her computer, I pulled out the essentials – magazines, glue sticks, scissors, colorful card stock and the main ingredient – an open mind.

I hadn’t done a vision mini book in several years and now seemed like the perfect time to re-create what this new normal looked like, starting with what my goals were to finish out 2020 strong.

As I shared in my previous post (Rule of Life Lesson #125: Resilience is real.), I really was scrapping my previous plans because live events and speaking gigs were no longer happening, but it didn’t mean that there wasn’t a way to bounce back and re-invent myself. That’s the first step in getting your mindset straight – knowing there’s always a way.

Within each color square of my newly created vision mini book, I laid out the plans for my life starting with that day. My intentions. My desires. My priorities. My destinations. My goals.

And with every magazine clipping I glued down and every word I wrote, the answers and the action plan started to become more apparent on what steps I need to take to make every single thing happen.

Funny thing when you set your mind straight. Fear no longer plays a role in our story. We see the endless possibilities for our own personal and professional growth and the path becomes that much clearer.

As Wayne Dyer eloquently said, “If you change the way you look at the things, the things you look at change.”

So, the first question I’d ask is, “Is your mind set straight?”

If you are where I was several months ago, I encourage you to tackle this simple exercise to map out your new normal. Get it out of your head and down in paper and start to see where your mindset becomes vision and vision becomes action. You can always visit top restaurants in Madeira Beach a fun time

Rule of Life Lesson #126: