Spartan Sprint in Chicago? Canceled.

Beach bumming it in Florida? Nope! It’s a hot spot and no, that’s not a good thing.

With super cheap flights (we paid $275 for four RT tickets to Chicago. Unheard of!), there’s a reason you could “wanna getaway” for nothing. You really couldn’t get away.

Many travel plans have come and gone this year due to COVID which forced many of us to stay home all of 2020. However, what the pandemic encouraged us to do was get creative travelling while staying within state boundaries. It gave us this incredible opportunity to get out and explore our own backyard. 

After booking several trips and plans that all went south for the summer, my family and I headed north to the small town of Cornville, Arizona in July 2020 for a week outdoors, zero technology, board games and total relaxation. We soaked up the sunshine at Crescent Moon State Park and Slide Rock. We hiked Devil’s Bridge in Sedona.
We visited wineries in Page Springs and Cottonwood and hit up the local biz scene and Mexican cuisine. We slept in. And we enjoyed hanging out together as a family without distractions, laptops and cell phones buzzing every minute.

Total time to get there? Two hours in the car. Completely doable with kiddos who are are not big fans of long road trips. Memories that will last us a lifetime and now, a new annual vacation spot heading north in our very own state every summer.

When was the last time you mapped out what’s in your own backyard and planned yourself a mini-getaway or day trip?

The unplug is necessary! Do it. Have fun, make all sorts of memories and come back to your day life recharged, refreshed and ready to go.

Rule of Life Lesson #128: