Episode 12

Second Chances with AJ Campbell, DBLESOCIALE Entertainment

In episode 12, season 1 of the Success over Struggle Podcast, AJ Campbell, whom I call the great big ball of fun and high energy, joins me in the studio to share what we’ve called his many “second chances.” 

From being abused as a child to being adopted by a loving family, to becoming a Marine, and enduring some heart-wrenching losses in his life, AJ remains the most positive and uplifting human out there noting that without these struggles, he wouldn’t be who or where he is today. 

Special heartfelt thanks to AJ for being completely authentic and keeping it real on the Success over Struggle Podcast!

About AJ campbell


AJ is as skilled as they come! With a background in event planning, customer service, advertising, sales and small business, it’s no secret he put all these assets to good use doing what he loves – bringing the entertainment and fun vibes through his thriving DJ business. His next venture? Opening his own event venue! 

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