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Anthony Garone

Episode 24

Anthony Garone

Anthony Garone and his son Elliot talk about what it means to value your values on this Father's Day edition. 


Skylar Lysaker

Episode 23

Skylar Lysaker

Skylar Lysaker, co-founder and CEO of Greenz, shares the personal sacrifices he's made to get to where he is.


Episode 22

Jodi Towns

Jodi Towns, founder of Towns Consulting, shares how she's come full circle throughout her life's failures and successes.


Listeners love us

  • I made some of my most meaningful connections at Social Connect PHX listening to the Success over Struggle live panel. The environment Tisha has created in person and now on her SoS podcast is so authentic and real you’ll never want to network any other way.

    Lloyd Hopkins

    Executive Director & Founder, Million Dollar Teacher Project
  • Success Over Struggle stands out because, at its core, it connects us and brings us together. Guests’ stories inspire and motivate and their messages present ideas that open your eyes and make you think. One part educational, and one part entertaining with just a touch of quirkiness, it’s everything you could want in a podcast.

    Nat Handler

    President, Vendara Group LLC
  • Tisha’s Success over Struggle podcast is as real as it gets!  She sets the stage for her guests to be comfortable and truly authentic as they share their stories – challenges, highs and lows and what keeps them motivated to power through and achieve success. Motivating, uplifting and gives her listeners hope! I am personally inspired … thank you. Great job Tisha

    Karen Green

    Founder, ZenKaris
  • Sometimes you just need to talk it out with your best entrepreneur gal-pal and there is no better gal-pal than Tisha. The Success over Struggle podcast is like having booze or caffeine on your friend’s couch just working through the big things in life. Tisha brings an ease and comfort to those hard-hitting conversations with business owners. She really shares great stories and allows listeners to learn from and be inspired by her guests. Highly recommend this podcast!

    Desiree Martinez

    Founder, All-in-One Social Media
  • Awesome podcast with real stories. The guests in this podcast are phenomenal! The stories they share are so inspirational and I learned so much from just a few episodes!

    Jonaed Iqbal



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