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Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2020 Startup Business Grant! The grant recipient and runner-ups will be announced on September 15, 2020 on my series #tishatalks LIVE @ 4:45pm AZ time on LinkedIn Live!

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Grant FAQs: 

Who can apply for this grant?Individuals who are just starting out in business are eligible to apply for this grant. I’m primarily looking for an aspiring entrepreneur who has an idea for a business, but doesn’t know how or where to start, needs initial funding to launch their idea and is seeking mentoring, support and resources. Is the grant limited to just the United States?Nope! Anyone in any part of the world can apply for the Startup Business Grant. There are no limitations. Who previously won the grant?In 2018, Derrick Wadleigh in North Carolina received the grant and a seat to the Startup Entrepreneur Academy to launch his community coffee shop on wheels, The American Bean, LLC.What do you look for when choosing the recipient? Great question! I’m looking at your business idea and whether you are ALL in, or if this business is merely a hobby of yours. I want to invest my time, energy and resources into an individual who doesn’t quit when the going gets rough, and believe me, it will on the entrepreneurial journey. If that’s you, perfect! I also highly suggest you book a complimentary strategy session with me so I can get to know you and your business better before making the final decision.

What does the grant recipient receive?I will announce the grant recipient on September 15, 2020 (my birthday). He/she will receive a $500 check to be used for business purposes only and a seat into my Startup Entrepreneur Academy. Additionally, five runner-ups will also receive a seat into the academy to set their business up for success.  The grant recipient will also receive additional support and services from my sponsors Hexalinks (5 hours of systems/operations consulting), Impact Leadership Consulting (a seat to the Emerging Leaders Circle mastermind for the year), Check Your Game (a featured video and story on the website to share your personal story), Sell Your Mac (your choice of an iPad, iPhone or Macbook), The Why Institute (the WHY assessment and WHY+HOW+WHAT workshop to craft your statement) and Boundless Media (a social media strategy and program). The total value of the grant is $6K. 

When is the deadline to submit my grant application and can I submit more than once?The deadline to submit is September 10, 2020. You cannot submit additional grant applications for the same business, however, if you have more than one business idea, you may submit another one. 

What if I paid and enrolled in your Startup Entrepreneur Academy and win the grant or I am a runner-up?Not a problem! Your enrollment fee of $247 will be returned to you, or you can use this as a credit for additional mentoring with me in the future. Mentors are an absolute must in every business! 

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There is nothing more gratifying than seeing an aspiring entrepreneur succeed and knowing that I played a small part in their success story!

Hi, I’m Tisha, a serial entrepreneur, business mentor, author, speaker, and host of The Success over Struggle Podcast. Every year since launching my first business Simply Put Marketing in 2004, I’ve had to PAY ESTIMATED TAXES on my birthday, September 15. But this year, I choose to pay YOU instead through my Startup Business Grant!

I love seeing startups win and want the same for you! Apply for the grant (see above to grab the application) and check out my Startup Entrepreneur Academy, too, where I’ve teamed up with a handful of colleagues around the country to help you launch your business and set it up for success by laying the right foundation. This is a 13-week online course you take at your own pace + 1:1 mentoring sessions with me, complimentary consults with my trusted and valuable resources, a private community to ask questions and help you along the way!

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