Welcome! Wonderful to have you here in the community!

Now that you are an official member (yeah!), here are some next steps to begin getting the most out of your Gals’ membership and free 30-day trial.

1. Fill out your profile.  You should have or will receive an email with your username and password.  To start, click on Manage Member Account and enter in your email address as your username and retrieve a temporary password. You can change this on the following screen.  Here you can add your profile, upload your headshot, business card, map, and a special deal you offer to members if you’d like.  I highly encourage you to fill this out asap so our members and anyone searching can find you. It truly is advertising for your business!  It also helps boost your SEO online.

2. Next, join our Gals’ Inspiration Hub online group at www.facebook.com/groups/galsinspirationhub. Be as active as you want here.  Respond, ask questions, comment.  It’s a great tool to interact with other women. I post daily as well as share all our upcoming events there.

3. As part of your membership, you can attend as many Gals’ Inspiration Hub live and/or virtual meetings and Social Connect Events as you’d like to connect with more women.  We also have Lunch & Learn Educational Webinars you can tune into that take place the last week of the month, plus I host a few Gals’ members’ only events throughout the year to highlight our members and help grow your network and business. See our calendar for a complete list.

4. You receive a complimentary copy of my e-book A Gal’s Inspirational Guide to a more Purposeful Life. To view or download your copy, click here.

5. Each year, I award a $500 grant + several thousands of dollars in resources used for business or educational purposes. Applications are typically due end of October and announced in January. Stay tuned for more details on when you can apply later in the fall.

6. If you have an event you’d like to share, you can easily add them to the calendar under category Member events.  It’s just another way to promote your business and utilize our website as a resource to market you as we are constantly promoting events on our site both for GIH, Tisha Marie Enterprises and other can’t miss business/social events.  To do this, simply log in using your same username and password used to access your profile.

7. More marketing opportunities! You also have the option as a member to go LIVE in the Facebook Gals’ community to share a tip and your business giving you additional ways to market your business to members and guests in the group. This allows me to re-purpose your content on YouTube, my FB business page and in the resources section of the Gals’ site.  If you are interested in scheduling or learning more about this benefit, email me at tisha@tishamariepelletier.com and I’d be happy to get everything set up for you. It’s a short questionnaire and you’re ready to go!

8. When you refer your friends to the Gals’ Inspiration Hub, and they sign up, you’ll receive $5 back via check for the lifetime of their membership. It’s cash in your pocket, helps grow our community and you may even get your membership comped completely each month when you refer 5 friends! Make sure to tell your friends joining Gals’ to share they heard about it through you!

Want to pay it forward with the money you earn helping to grow Gals’? You can! If you prefer not to receive a payout each month via check, Tisha Marie Enterprises can hold onto your money to donate to your specific cause at the end of the year and provide you with a tax receipt OR you can choose to gift it back to Tisha Marie Enterprises as a sponsor for our annual grant. Either way is a win-win for both of us!

9. Lastly, please sign up to receive your issue of my monthly e-newsletter for meeting reminders, GIH member highlights and tips from experts nationwide on how to better balance.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.  I’m here for you and firmly believe in an “open door policy.” I don’t just “say” that like so many other organizations do. My goal is to know you, support you and push you forward. This Hub was created with you in mind, and by taking time to do these above things now rather than later, and investing in you, you’ll definitely start off on the right foot.

Once you’re settled,  schedule a virtual or live coffee with me here so we can get better acquainted and I can answer any other questions you have and dive more into the numerous and valuable benefits you receive as an official Gals’ member. Can’t wait to meet and support you on your entrepreneurial journey!

Cheers to you and your success! Together, we are going to ROCK this!



Tisha Marie Pelletier