Book anniversary photoIt’s been exactly two years since my last book, What Are the Odds? – A mom shares her good, bad and what the f*ck moments in life & business, made its way into the world and over a decade since the release of my first book When the Universe Throws a Curveball. Major accomplishment? YES!

Celebrating this milestone, it brought me back to my why.

Why did I write my story in the first place?

While I’ve had friends and publishing companies reach out encouraging me to re-distribute the book or write another to make the bestseller list, that was never really the purpose.

The whole purpose was to teach my kiddos, Caleb and Ellie, that life definitely has its ups, downs and sideways moments through my personal stories; that there is always something to glean even through the dark moments in your life; that there is always a silver lining and that nothing can keep you down forever.

It got me thinking that even though the book had an end date to publish it and get it out into the world, it didn’t have to stop there.

There are so many stories and life lessons happening every single day.

So, I call this my 2020 challenge to myself. Over the next year, I’m making it my mission to continue the journey. To continue leading by example and teaching my kiddos the ropes so that as they get older, they’ll always know where to find me.

Every single Monday for the next 52 weeks, I’m holding myself accountable for sharing one life lesson I learned and combining it with a personal story over the past two years or in present day. If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

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