Rule of Life Lesson #135: Family’s always first.

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One of the many blessings I personally experienced in the pandemic was more time with family. I’m sure we all could echo that same response since we were literally stuck inside for a solid year. The greatest gift I received in 2020 was spending the holidays with my sister Sasha, brother-in-law Reid, and my adorable 4-year-old niece, Leilani.

With Reid’s family in Hawaii, they made it a point to head to the islands every Christmas well before they got married in 2012 meaning we never got to see them or do all the fun Christmas traditions.

With travel restrictions still in full force, it worked out in our benefit to have my entire family together during the holidays. And when you have your full family in town, you also get…

Family photos!

Special thanks to Donna Thompson at Donna Thompson Photography for capturing some wonderful moments of us all together in once place! It was long overdue and it was wonderful to see Mom smile having her family home all together.

Just goes to show that what really matters in life are the people you spend it with. Not the materialistic things. Not the fancy “stuff,” not the amount of money you rake in or the toys and gifts, but the people, the friends and the family who make life, well LIFE. 

Family Photo Pelletiers, Kastners and Hiratas














Rule of Life Lesson #135:


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