At the start of 2021, I evaluated my workload which was about to get even busier, the kiddos’ after-school and weekend activities, and the time I was able to spend taking in self-care and enjoying my friendships.

What I noticed was I had a lot going on in the “work/mom drive all over town” arena, not so much in the “friend/feed my soul” area of my life.

When we’re constantly consumed by our oversized workload and the big, hairy, audacious goals we set for ourselves that we don’t schedule any “me” time, what starts to give? 

You guessed it. Burnout. Relationships with our friends that go months, maybe even years, before we see each other and the relationship we have with ourselves.

Rather than fall into the rut of work, life and no balance, I decided this year, it was time to make a change and I began scheduling my priorities more. I intentionally put into my calendar guilt-free me time which also meant getting to see my friends more often, focusing on my health, and taking a day away to actually enjoy this little thing called LIFE.

My me time came in the form of scheduling one full day out of my month while the kids were in school to hike with my best friend Gwen, swap stories, laugh, cry, eat and be merry. Basically, whatever we wanted! No feelings of guilt. More so this feeling of we earned this!

Now, a few months of regularly scheduled days set in advance on our calendar, and new hikes we’ve been able to explore together, including bouldering to the top of the mountains taking in incredible city views, I don’t know why we didn’t incorporate this day into our lives sooner.

I’m better for it. Our friendship is even stronger now that we get to spend quality time together. And my mind, body and soul screams “YES PLEASE. More of this!” I truly believe that.

Now is as good a day as any to ask yourself some key questions if you’ve been struggling with this concept of taking a day away.

Will taking a day off to invest in you, your happiness and your friendships cause you to be even more productive in your life? (Hint: it just may!)

What will this commitment do for you personally and professionally? (Besides giving you one day to really look forward to in your month.)

When was the last time you gave yourself a little self-love? (If it’s been months, it’s time, friend.)

If you’re not sure, perhaps it’s time to start scheduling your priorities, too, and seeing what transpires as a result of taking care of you.  ❤

Rule of Life Lesson #136: