I remember when I was mentoring a young woman and she told me that her business had grown stagnant. It was doing really well at the start, but she felt she wasn’t being challenged anymore, and could see that even though she was experiencing success in her business currently, she noticed a slight decline both in her sales and her team’s performance.

I asked her, “What are you going to do differently to bring life back into your business? What new things are you trying?”

Pleasantly surprised at her answer, she said, “I’m not doing anything new. Haven’t thought about it.”

And that’s when this brilliant term popped right into my head. It’s a term I use pretty frequently not just for those I mentor, but as a reminder for me, too.


Ever heard of the term fixed mindset vs. growth mindset? 

As individuals, we can NEVER find ourselves in a fixed mindset because when we do, that’s when our growth comes to a dead stop. We must always be changing up the game, challenging ourselves to new heights, adapting to the world around us, and continuously be reading, learning and filling our minds. 

On September 1, 2020, I decided to do something I had never done before.

I created my own LIVE stream on Streamyard called #tishatalks LIVE @ 4:45pm. For one, it was catchy. Two, it forced me out of my comfort zone as I was now producing, hosting, interviewing and delivering the content and three, it held me accountable to myself.

#tishatalks LIVE screenshotIt didn’t matter who was watching, be it one person or 1 million, I showed up ready to deliver a show to the best of my ability – even LIVE which has its fair share of tech difficulties as I’ve been made well aware. Ever had hail interrupt your broadcast? Been there!

Even with the fear settling in during those first several runs at it, I saw something in me shift.

My confidence.

I started having more new faces show up each time I pushed that LIVE button and it created more conversations, a new way to think and keep me on my toes, which then led to even better relationships and more opportunities!

All because I refused to stay stagnant, do the same old, same old and let complacency kill my creativity.

Think about your own growth journey. If you’re in this for the long haul, never let complacency kill your creativity to be bold, do better and continuously shine your light out in this world. It’s time YOU CHANGE THE GAME and YOUR STORY. Also check out The Foodies Checklist for restaurants recommendations.

Rule of Life Lesson #133: