Many sales people tend to constantly think of only their bottom line which can also look a lot like desperation. From a mile away, you can tell who’s there to pitch you any chance they get. It’s never about you. It’s always about them.

They may have these questions racing through their head like:

How can I turn this person into a sale?

How can I make even more sales? 

How do I hit that 7 or even 8-figure mark in as little time as possible?

Sadly, when we lead with seeing people as numbers or our next target, our actual sales tend to fall very, very short of the goal we set for ourselves. That, and it gives us a bad rap. Never a good sign.

Sure, we may get to the “number” we’ve been seeking, but at what cost?

Money is great, and yes, we need it to live, but don’t you want to know that you received the money because of the “impact” you had on that person to be a part of their story and the solution they were searching for? Without the icky sales pitch?

As I started posting more on my favorite platform, LinkedIn, I started to test this theory out.

Instead of making SALES my end goal (which it never was anyway) as to why I was on the platform, I chose people.

I chose to brand myself the way I wanted others to see me – as the authentic with a touch of badass gal who provided extreme value and positive vibes with a smile. You knew it was my post or my story because of the way I always showed up.

I started posting more and more regularly letting people into my life with my stories, my Tisha quirks, the struggles, the celebrations, the day to day hustle and so on. I began providing more value in the forms of LIVE videos, interviews, and hosting challenges to help others learn how to build their personal brand. And that’s what created the impact. Which then led to starting the relationship and taking it off the platform. Which then led to, you guessed it, the income.

If you continue looking at and treating people as just another tally in your book of business but fail to actually create the relationship and get to know them, you miss out on so many incredible opportunities to create lasting relationships and or learn how to best serve them. They may never actually become a paying client of yours, but what they will be is a fan of yours for life, which you guessed it, leads to an abundance of INCOME.

Rule of Life Lesson #131: