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All Life Is About Relationships

Contributed by Kami Pollvogt, Change by Design, LLC

We all know that life can be hectic, and people’s behaviors can be downright confusing. One day our boss gives us an assignment with little to no direction, or you have a stubborn classmate who refuses to do his/her or part in a group assignment—heck, even our loved ones, the ones we think we know best, can throw us for a loop from time to time.

Do you ever find yourself asking, why do they act like that?

I have some of the answers for you! There is, of course, no way to be 100 percent certain why someone does what they do, but I’ve had the privilege of learning a lot about human factors, both from a long career in change management and user-centered design, as well as my knowledge as a certified independent trainer of the Color Code Personality Science—the latter being today’s blog topic!

All life is about relationships: personally, professionally, with our business clients/ customers and, of course, with ourselves.

You might have noticed that some people are very easy to love, work for, and befriend. Then there are some who require constant effort, often baffling you as to why the relationship is so difficult.  Easy or difficult, we each play a part in making those relationships work. As a result, every relationship begins with YOU!

Who are you? Do you really understand why you think and behave as you do? Imagine the power of truly knowing yourself, what motivates you, and how you impact the relationships in your life!

By knowing ourselves first, we can better understand how to successfully communicate and relate to others. The Color Code Personality Science allows you to see yourself and others in a way you never have before. Once you “get yourself,” it changes your self-awareness and provides tools for effectively connecting with others.

What is the Color Code Personality Science?

The Color Code Personality Science is the creation of Dr. Taylor Hartman—a psychologist, a leadership coach, and the author of four books, one of which is The Color Code: A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life (now The People Code), which was published in 1987.1

The Color Code theory is that each of us has a Driving Core Motive (DCM)—a reason why we do everything we do in life. Our Driving Core Motives are innate; they came with us at birth. Everyone has a distinct personality pattern that remains stable throughout life. Your personality includes specific ways of thinking, reasoning, feeling, and acting.

There are four primary personality profiles which are identified by four colors; red, blue, white, and yellow.

  • Reds have a core motivation of Power, and their natural talents are leadership and vision.
  • Blues are motivated by Intimacy, and their natural talents are quality and service.
  • White’s core motive is Peace. They naturally bring clarity and tolerance.
  • The core motive of Yellow is Fun, and their natural talents are enthusiasm and optimism.

How is Color Code Personality Science Different?

Color Code Personality Science is motive-based. Most other popular personality assessments are behavior-based. The difference between the two is that The Color Code™ (i.e., The People Code) goes deeper—it explains why you do what you do (motive) rather than just identifying what it is that you do (behavior).

Most other assessments start with behavior because it is easy to observe and document. It is also easy to repeat a certain behavior, which over a long period of time develops into habits. Our habits collectively determine our lifestyle. However, personality begins long before behavior is exhibited.

Motive is not learned or developed; it is intact at birth and does not change. The key take-away is that our personalities begin with a Driving Core Motive.

How do the Driving Core Motives reveal themselves in day-to-day actions and interactions?

Important Note: please view these as you would a stereotype, i.e., a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image, idea, or type of person.

It is rare that any one person will personify100 percent of their primary Driving Core Motive color. The following tendencies and behavioral traits is a small sample of each of the personality colors.

Red’s Driving Core Motive is Power. Common behaviors exhibited by Reds are:  

  • The first to volunteer to lead a group activity.
  • Could be an action-oriented Dad who feels his kid is taking too long deciding which college to attend.
  • Manager of a store who manages her people fairly; logical; doesn’t mince words, but secretly feels she could be more productive.

Blue’s Driving Core Motive is Intimacy.  Common behaviors exhibited by Blues are: 

  • The first to come to your aid. Blues will be the ones bringing you a thermos of soup when they hear you’re not feeling well.
  • They can be intolerant of problems in the workplace. Blues are the ones who analyze and say there is a better way to do XYZ, but then they don’t do anything about it.
  • The mom who worries that her kids will get hurt every time they do something new.

White’s Driving Core Motive is Peace.  Common behaviors exhibited by Whites are: 

  • The first to be accepting of someone who is different.
  • They are the people who won’t easily pick a side but will show you the merits of having choices, which leaves them with a tendency to be indecisive.
  • He’s the person in class who gets good grades but doesn’t eagerly participate in class. He’ll need to be called upon for answers or thoughts about a topic.

Yellow’s Driving Core Motive is Fun.  Common behaviors exhibited by Yellows are:

  • The first to know the best place to go on vacation or which restaurant to eat at.
  • They thrive on being noticed, so you will find them to be well put-together and always ready to try something new.
  • He’s the storyteller of your family, the one who at Thanksgiving dinner holds everyone’s attention with hilarious stories from back in the day.

How can you benefit from The Color Code knowledge?

There are many ways you can use The Color Code to improve your personal and professional relationships, gain an advantage in business, or just get to know yourself a little better.

The biggest overall benefit to understanding The Color Code is awareness of one’s tendencies. Once you are aware, you can begin to accept the behavior and figure out healthy ways to communicate and interact.

I’ve listed three specific benefits under each type of relationship.

Personal Relationship Benefits

  1. Couples begin to identify the strengths of their partner and learn to lean on them.
  2. Parents begin to release certain expectations of their child, grow more accepting of their differences, and easily identify similarities that create connection.
  3. You will begin to understand what friends are great for certain situations and WHY!

Professional Relationship Benefits

  1. You may find it easier to meet the expectations of a boss/manager by knowing what motivates them.
  2. You may find it easier to get along with and communicate with your coworkers. They may even feel like you know them better than anyone else.
  3. Managers find it easier to communicate expectations and allocate work assignments based upon employee

Business Relationships Benefits

  1. Business owners find it easier to tailor information on their product and services in a manner that supports prospective client decision making.
  2. Business owners will better understand and respond to the actions of existing clients/customers.
  3. Clients/customers may brag about you and your business because you will interact with them in a way they know, like, and trust.

Relationship with Self Benefits

All the previous benefits I’ve covered work best when you are aware of your own Driving Core Motive. Remember, every relationship begins with YOU!

Before you can grow within ANY relationship, you must understand how you’re showing up in the world. Knowing your natural behavior tendencies, wants, needs, strengths, and limitations allows you to see how you can change by design!

Are you curious to know more? Let’s chat!  I love talking about the Color Code Personality Science and how it can help improve your relationships. I offer everyone who’s interested in developing better relationships a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, where I will be blogging more about the Color Code Personality Science and other topics related to personal development.

1Taylor Hartman, PhD. The People Code: It’s All About Your Innate Motive. (New York: Scribner, 1987).

Kami Pollvogt is a Transformational Life Coach and founder of Change by Design LLC, a creative personal development company that focuses on teaching, guiding, and accelerating personal change through the practice of living intentionally.



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My Balanced Life Wears Converse

Converse Sneakers

For years, I struggled to find work and family balance. I was running three businesses which drained the life out of me somedays, that spending time with my family fell to the wayside.

I was more about people pleasing, getting that big client, sacrificing my soul, and saying yes to every opportunity to get ahead that I didn’t realize that the very people who were suffering were my family. Funny, because don’t we put ourselves through all this for OUR FAMILY? To support them?

I missed out on some very important milestones because I was too consumed with exceeding expectations and client workloads that I paid the price. I almost lost my family in the process. For some of you reading this post, maybe you already did for the price of success.

I’ll never forget back in 2013 when I was knee deep in work one day and my son Caleb who was five asked if I could go to lunch with them. It was a celebratory moment because my husband Sean was taking the kiddos to Peter Piper Pizza. But it wasn’t just any visit, it was my daughter Ellie’s FIRST visit. She was two years old…an adorable age. I can only imagine the smile on her face. But I couldn’t. Too much to do. Too many calls to make to take an hour and a half out of my day and commemorate this experience. They left without me when I told them I couldn’t possibly.

Later that night, as I was tucking in my son, he said these words to me, “Mama, you weren’t there today. We weren’t a family today.”

Absolutely CRUSHED. I cried hard and will never forget those words where I let my family down for a client who ended up firing us after the event anyway. What a blow.

Fast forward to today.

I’ve since let go of all three of my businesses to focus on just the one that fills me, Tisha Marie Enterprises, and only take on the projects I want to do for the people I want to serve. I’m choosing to be a little selfish and I’m learning to say no. And that is absolutey okay.

The other week, my girlfriend Charissa Dantas of Be Fearless on a Budget, a fellow boss babe and one of my Gals’ Inspiration Hub members was appearing on TV. She was elated! And so was I. Her hard work was really paying off and I was extremely proud of her. The station had asked her back for a second time and requested she bring models. Having helped build her business with ideas and strategies, I modeled for her the first time on air. Naturally, she sent me a message that read, “Tisha, I NEED YOU! Please, please say yes to modeling for me again on TV Saturday. You have to!”

I paused because there was this dilemma. A girlfriend in need. Another opportunity to gain visibility and be seen. A chance to keep putting my face out there. Something I’m trying my damndest to do for my personal brand.

But then I also learned that the same day, Caleb had a full-day weekend soccer tournament starting at that exact same time. And being at that soccer game to love, support and cheer him on from the sidelines was exactly where I needed to be. Not glammed up in high heels strutting my stuff on TV, but right there. On the soccer fields. In my comfy Converse screaming his name at the top of my lungs and jumping up and down like a crazy obsessed fan. I am that mama. #13 rocks! Just watch. World Cup, here we come.

I turned Charissa down. Told her no and you know what? Life went on. She understood completely and found herself some new models to experience the TV limelight. And she did absolutely fine…with me there in spirit. Even booked herself some new clients off the segment.

Later that same weekend, when we were back home from a full weekend of soccer, Caleb’s friend Sam came over for a playdate. Having the best time hanging out, Caleb asked if he could spend the night. I said yes and Sam called his mom to tell her. She agreed and it was set. I broke out an extra toothbrush and prepared to have him as our guest.

An hour later, his mom called and told me, “Tisha, it’s absolutely okay that Sam spends the night, but I wanted to share that he and his dad had plans tomorrow to go mountain biking. Can you ask Sam if he wants to stay or come home so he can still go tomorrow? Either way, no problem.”

I did and Sam sat there in Caleb’s room silent. He told me to give him five minutes to figure out what he wanted to do. He was faced with the same dilemma and had to make a choice.

Five minutes later, he came to me and asked if he could use my phone to call his mom. When she picked up, he said, “Mom, can you come pick me up in a half hour? I’d like to go on that bike ride with Dad tomorrow.”

He absolutely made the right choice. He’s 10 years old.

His mom said yes, she’d be there and let him play for a little while longer.

When she came, I told her how darn proud I was of Sam. She didn’t see it at first, then understood my reasoning and was equally proud. He had a difficult choice to make. Stay here and play games all night with Caleb at the fun house, or go home and keep the commitment he made to his Dad. He chose FAMILY first. There would always be playdates and sleepovers, but there may never be another time when he gets to do THIS with just his Dad making those wonderful memories.

One smart kiddo, and a good influence on my son who considered his Dad’s feelings had he canceled and said, “another time.” Caleb is so lucky to call Sam his BFF. Love that kid like my own.

There have been so many days we’ve said to family, friends and loved ones, “another time.” But just as I’ve witnessed over the years, sometimes “another time” never does come. Life happens. People leave this world unexpectedly. Families drift apart because of way too much going on.

I’ve learned a lot over the years and truly do mean it when I say I’m living a more “balanced” life enjoying not only my work, projects and clients, but my family every chance I get wherever and whatever that looks like.

Balance is something we are all desperately trying to find. It’s not a myth. It’s a change YOU have to be willing to make. A lifestyle choice. Will you tell your family “another time” or put on your comfy Converse and go?


Tisha Marie Pelletier is the President & CEO of Tisha Marie Enterprises which only takes on projects and clients that fill her soul. Her new book What Are the Odds? A mom shares her good, bad and what the f*ck moments in life and business debuts in February and is full of stories, like this one, coupled with invaluable life lessons. Learn more about Tisha at tishamarieenterprises.com to connect over a virtual latte.

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How to do Disneyland at Christmas time

Quick. Think fast. When you hear the word Disneyland, what’s the first thought that pops into your head?

I can tell you mine. It definitely was not “happiest place on earth.”  Especially at Christmas time when the park is almost at full capacity. My first thought was more along the lines of, “insane chaos.”

My in-laws decided that the gift they were giving to the entire family was a 2-day park hopper pass to venture out to both parks on the busiest holiday ever. Super thoughtful, yet still, had my doubts this was a good time to go.  All eleven of us. My in-laws, my sister-in-law and her family of five, plus our family of four. My mother and father-in-law weren’t as interested in new rides, but the holiday decor, and the Color of Lights Show at California Adventure.

On Saturday, December 22nd, our entire 11 person family boarded a 15-passenger van and away we went. We lucked out and found a super spacious six bedroom, four bath house five minutes from the park fit for little and big kids alike (I’m talking pool table, jacuzzi, fuze ball, air hockey and more).

With tickets in hand, we vowed to be up at the crack of dawn at 6am, all showered, having eaten breakfast and out of the house and to the park by 7:10am at the very latest. Disneyland opened at 8am. I was amazed we pulled that off, but we did and were on our way Christmas Eve, then again Christmas Day.

So, having done the whole Disneyland at Christmas experience, here are a few tips for those who plan on braving the crowds.

Get the MaxPass 
Don’t even question the extra $10/person/day it costs. This little baby was worth every cent! Not only does it let you get fast passes every hour to the most popular rides, it also lets you check in five minutes early, and once redeemed at the ride you’re on, you can get another, and another, all from your phone! There is no more traping to the ride you want, getting a paper FastPass ticket, then coming back a few hours later. Now you can save time by downloading the app.  On the busiest holiday ever, our family managed to ride at least 20 rides both days. Case in point. We never waited more than 20 minutes for any ride, even the more popular ones, while others waited up to two hours to ride Cars in CA Adventure.

Another cool feature that Disneyland added to its pass is the ability to download and share photos from the rides, too. No longer do you have to get the print version at $20/pop, now the Max Pass links directly to your phone and sends you the images of all the rides you have photos on. Brilliant! I mean, who prints picture anyway??!

Bring snacks and water bottles
Pleasantly surprised at this, but you can bring snacks in with you. Water bottles of course, but when you need a little pick me up, pack a backpack, munch on the walk and you’re good to go. We all know Disneyland is not a cheap date especially for a family, so why not bring in your own goodies? It’s a whole lot healthier, saves a ton, and you can pack a lot of individual snacks for everyone in your party. In fact, we brought two backpacks to last us the day.

Take a break and save some energy

Let’s face it. Walking for miles around Disneyland can be exhausting, especially for kiddos. Rides are fun, yes, but do you really want to spend every minute on the rides? To recharge, we took in the parades and shows at both parks, but we also rode the tram back to the parking garage and “tailgated” so we could catch our second wind. My kiddos took a quick power nap. We rested our legs, got rid of what we didn’t need to carry anymore in our backpacks, and bundled up with more layers for the nighttime as the weather was warm then freezing cold (at least for me). We also packed a cooler in the van so we didn’t eat every meal at the park. It was just the break we all needed to sustain ourselves a little bit longer.

Make a “ride” plan
The good news is the popular rides are all on the Max Pass. The bad news is? The rides your kiddos love to go on are not, like Peter Pan, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Pinnochio, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland and more in Fantasyland. And the lines on these rides throughout the day? Not pretty. Some are inching up to an hour or more. Lucky for you if you plan on staying the later hours while the park is open, Disneyland pretty much clears up right after the fireworks show making it a whole lot easier to jump onto all of these rides, which is what we did on Christmas Day. Coming from California Adventure’s Color of Light’s Show, we made our way to Disneyland just as the swarms of people were exiting out. Since the fireworks show had just ended, too, the rides had closed temporarily, so right when they opened back up, we were there to jump right on.

If you don’t plan to stay until the park closes, but are there right when they open, make a plan to ride the ones you want first and head straight for that ride. The park really didn’t start to fill up with lines until late morning. Plenty of time to hit a few before it gets busy.

Now that my family and I have conquered Disneyland at Christmas time, truthfully, it wasn’t as “insanely chaotic” as I thought, although it could have been had we not had a plan in place or used the Max Pass. Instead, it was the perfect holiday getaway to experience Disneyland together as a family. I never used to call Disneyland my “happiest place on earth,” but after this trip, I may have just changed my mind.

If you’ve been to Disneyland lately, what are some other tips and tricks you can share to make the trip more enjoyable?





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At home, at work, in life…where there is people, there is conflict.

Contributed by R.W. Burke, author of Quiet the Rage and Coaching Conflict

It is a fact that people limit themselves in life based on their inability to manage conflict. Many allow themselves to be ruled by their emotions. When we’re emotionally reactive, we’re not our best selves, nor do we produce the smartest outcomes. Emotional reactions create winners and losers. And winning directly at the expense of another is actually losing in disguise, due to the resentment that’s born in the loser, as a result.

Often, people get stuck in a pattern of reacting emotionally, long past the time when the combativeness that once served them no longer does—long past the time when the pattern has become destructive without them being aware of it. Many want to change that part of themselves; they want more peaceful interactions, more successful outcomes, but they don’t know how to achieve that.

Quiet the Rage book coverThis new business book, QUIET THE RAGE: Learning How to Manage Conflict, walks the reader through a five-step process:

  1. Identifying personal values
  1. Identifying situations that are prone to offending those values
  1. Identifying one’s default emotional reaction style: Victim/Conflict
  1. Learning to interrupt the negative emotional reaction
  1. Transforming the negative emotional reaction into a positive response) to eliminate conflict by recognizing:
  • All human behavior is a function of personal values;
  • If you don’t understand someone’s behavior, you don’t understand their personal values;
  • Conflict exists when someone feels like one of their personal values has been offended; or, when one feels like another is imposing their personal values on them;
  • Certain situations will tend to offend one’s personal values. In order to manage those, you must first be able to identify them;
  • Emotional reactions create winners and losers.
  • When we are emotionally reactive, we are not our best selves, nor do we produce the best outcomes;
  • Sometimes we create the behavior in others that we don’t want.

R.W. Burke is a top coach for Ford Motor Company’s CEM project, working with over 2,500 automotive dealerships to provide service enhancing skill education and organization, effectively meeting customer need.

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Tools and Tips for Your Business Toolbox

Free and low cost tools for your startup business

As an entrepreneur helping startup businesses, I get it. You need specific tools to help you get from point A to point B, but not always the cash flow to afford them. Over the years, I’ve learned of quite a few free or low cost tools to help get you started. Many offering a free version of some sort, and when you’re ready for more features, a very affordable upgrade.

The biggest frustration I see with startup entrepreneurs is that they feel they NEED this tool to get started, which isn’t always the best “financial” solution when you have little to no cash flow coming in. They end up investing a ton into a program, then getting completely overwhelmed. Why? Because it’s too complex.

Stop already. Instead, ask what’s working for others, or read on to see which tools I use (and love) in my business to help you manage your time, stress and sanity even. If you have other tools you’d like to share, email me and I’ll add them here. The happier we all are having a business tool that helps us, the better off we will all be.

Brand new to business? There’s something about having an idea in your head, then creating a logo that makes it feel more tangible and real. The folks over at Logojoy use artificial intelligence to instantly generate beautiful, unique logo ideas for your business to get your idea out of your head and onto paper. I got the opportunity to test out their Premium Package priced affordably at $65 for all hi-res files and was impressed at not only how easy it was to use their system, but how it was able to know exactly what I was looking for. Within just a few minutes, I had a logo sent to me that I had chosen based on my own personal likes, wants and needs in every format imaginable. Highly recommend taking a look at Logojoy, having some fun with it, and getting the logo you always wanted to brand your business at a “joyful” price.

A free browser extension on Google Chrome that lets you manage your YouTube channel with ease.

Or as my colleague puts it, “Graphic design for dummies!” Here you can design just about anything you need from social media posts to headers and business cards, download free or low-cost images for $1 and “fake” like you actually went to art school. It has been a total lifesaver when I know exactly what I need, but am not sure how to create it. Design away!

Last Pass
Ever lost your username and password, then tried multiple times to enter it only to be locked out for too many failed attempts? Yep! Been there. This free tool stores all your passwords for EVERYTHING in one handy vault, so when you need it, it populates the username and password for you.

MailChimp Email Marketing
There are tons of email marketing systems out there, and I’ve tried them all, but I really like the simplicity of MailChimp. It’s free for up to 2,000 names, has simple templates you can use to grow your email list, can segment all your lists, and now has automation as a free feature so you remember to stay top of mind with your clients and customers.

Color Cop
Love this tool! It’s especially handy for creating your email marketing campaigns and trying to match the colors in your logo to create the theme for your newsletter or Web site. With so many variations of reds, blues, pinks, whatever color, this little eye dropper tool works by dragging it over a color and giving you the custom color code. Now you’ll never have to wonder what color green that was!

Need to ask visitors on your site for detailed information besides a name and email address? Collecting payments? The answer lies in JotForm, the easiest way to create and publish tools online. Best part is if you’re accepting payments, it links directly to several platforms like PayPal or Stripe.

It’s not a free tool unless you plan on hosting short 45 minute video conferences, but it is super handy if you tend to host a lot of virtual meetings or conference calls. Much like a Google Hangout, but with one beautiful benefit…it records your meetings with the push of a button! This is a GREAT tool if you’re hosting a webinar and need the replay for further promotion or a sales program you’re launching. Cost runs about $15/month depending on what plan you need. Annual plans are available too for most cost savings.

LOVE this tool! If you’ve ever wanted to record a how-to video from your website sharing your screen and your audio, record a short video, edit and post on YouTube or Vimeo, then this is definitely for you. Consider this your complete editing bay without any video experience required. Free versions are available, but if you need more content recorded, it’ll run you $15 for the year! What?!? Yep, $15. You can’t afford not to.

The ultimate TIME MANAGEMENT SAVER when it comes to managing ALL your social media accounts. Set it up once, add your blog, your Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram feed and you’ll never have to visit those sites AGAIN. You can do it all from your handy dandy dashboard to view, post and comment.

How I help startup businesses and entrepreneurs: 

Tisha Marie Entrepreneurs helps businesses at the startup level get their idea out of their head and moving into action through her program, the Startup Entrepreneur Academy. Schedule a complimentary virtual latte and business strategy session with Tisha to see how she can support you on your entrepreneurial journey to stop dreaming about it and start doing it.

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5 Truths for Escaping the Comparison Trap

Contributed by Kendra Tillman of StrongHer

Sometimes I wish my life was like the yellow brick road Dorothy traveled. “Stay on this road and it will take you directly to your destination- a brightly colored, easy to follow, straight path.” Right?

Not true!

Not even Sweet little Dorothy got the straight path. She dealt with crossroads that required her to choose. She also had to detour off the path at times to help the ones who would ultimately help her reach her destination. Art imitating life!

9 years ago in October 2008 I started on my path of creating an online community for women under the Good Life Diva Communications business name. Instead of the last 9 years being this perfect path, a yellow brick road right to my destination, I’ve had my own crossroads and detours. I’ve second guessed myself and changed course more times than I can count. I’ve helped other companies and ministries build their communities, while neglecting my own. I’ve only recently started uncovering how I’ve allowed comparison to keep me from embracing a path designed to look different than what I or others might expect.

Here’s the reality…there is a tension that exists for every business owner. Anything you want to do in business, there is a high probability someone else is already doing it. They’ve been doing it longer and as a result, they are also likely doing it better than you. Therefore, comparison is going to happen. You’re going to have those days when you just don’t feel good enough. The goal of this article is to empower you with a new perspective and some go-to strategies when you’re tempted to compare.


You were born an original, don’t die a copy. –John Mason

Comparison sends us into an identity crisis.

Identity is defined as “the qualities that distinguish or identify a person or thing.”

Distinguishing things is about looking at what makes them different.

Our differences distinguish us. We may do the exact same type of work, but my approach will be completely different from yours. Let’s do a quick exercise.

  • Consider 3 different grocery stores with overlapping customers: Whole Foods, Trader Joes & Sprouts. If you’re not familiar with these 3, choose 3 others you do know.
  • For each set of companies make a list of the characteristics that distinguish each company from the other companies in the set.

What did you uncover as you were doing this exercise?

The goal of this exercise is to realize, even though there’s common threads all 3 businesses share, they have a different way of executing on the same idea. The same is true for you and whatever type product and service you provide.

When we don’t know our identity, we can’t fully realize our potential. This is as true in business, as it is in our personal life. So, what is your business identity? Identity is what distinguishes you and makes you different. Answer these two questions to help uncover your business identity:

  1. Who has a similar business to yours, but different way of executing their concept?
  2. How is your product/service based business different from similar businesses (i, e. your competition)?

Here’s the bottom line: there’s room for all of us.

Let others inspire you and don’t discredit what’s happening in your business by comparing your business to others. Trust that your unique mix of experiences, gifts, talents, skills are intentional and are what will give you your own flavor.

Now that we’ve shifted our perspective what are strategies to help us escape the comparison trap:

Pull back the curtain.

There’s more than what you see when you’re comparing your business to someone else’s. What’s the truth of what’s happening? Tell yourself the truth: You don’t know the whole truth. No matter how good (or challenging) things are going in our businesses everything comes at a cost. You don’t know the price they’ve paid for their success. What would happen, if you looked at your competition as a mentor to learn from?

Define your standard.

What is your measuring stick? If someone else’s business is my standard, I’m always going to fall short.

What have you set as the standard for your business?

What are your goals? How do you define success? You need to set a standard for what you want to see happening in your business and then measure your success against those goals and objectives. This may take trial and error, but it will take the emphasis and energy off of what others are doing. It will increase your own feelings of success when you set standards for your business and reach them.

Plant seeds that can grow.

Let’s be real. Do you have too much time on your hands?

Are you doing the work of your business?

Do the work of your business. Be excellent at serving your customer/client community. If you are planting seeds, you will see a harvest.

Choose progress over perfection.

Embrace your process. Don’t worry that it doesn’t look like someone else’s. It’s not supposed to. Have gratitude for the progress you’ve made. When you see progress, don’t quit because it’s not at the pace you would like. You could be on the verge of “finding diamonds”.

Paint the Fence.

“Everything is not as it seems.” – Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid

When Daniel in the Karate Kid was required to wax floors and paint fences, he couldn’t make the connection between these tasks and his desire to learn karate. When the time was right, his wise teacher, Mr. Miyagi, showed him he had been learning the discipline of karate all along, even though it didn’t seem like it. When you are tempted by discouragement, because of comparison, remember “everything is not as it seems”.

In Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success, Rory Vaden explains the “Faith Principle: “the payoff of self-discipline and faith is when you do everything that you can and all that is within your power and things still don’t work out the way you had hoped or planned, they can be absolutely sure that they were definitely supposed to go the way they did. There’s nothing more you could have done.”

Paint the fence. Pull back the curtain. Set a standard for what you want to achieve. Plant time, energy and effort. Add in your own unique flavor and your business will take you on an amazing journey, as unexpected and life changing as the one Dorothy experienced!

About Kendra Tillman: 
Headshot of Kendra Tillman of StrongHerKendra Tillman, a wife and mother of 3, has been helping purpose-driven women find strength through faith for over a decade. She specializes in gathering women online and offline to fuel community. She’s the founder of the StrongHer Women’s Event, a yearly event that affirms women in the belief that they can be successful as wives, mothers, women (keepers of the home) AND as professional women. She co-founded and leads a growing marriage ministry with her husband of 20 years. She’s also an author, blogger and a speaker who has served in lay ministry for 20 years.

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Video…the Condiment to Your Marketing

Contributed by Taylor Wellman, Financial Potion

Who doesn’t love condiments? Ketchup, ranch, BBQ, buffalo; all condiments that add more flavor and flare to a meal to make it that much more memorable. Videos are your condiments to marketing.

By now every business owner knows they need a mobile website, and active social media sites to truly survive. However in order to thrive, businesses need to pour videos onto these platforms like BBQ sauce to a rack of ribs.

It’s proven that when a video is on the top fold of the home page of a website, visitors will stay on the site at least three times longer than when there isn’t a video on the home page.  Videos are first impression clones that allow people to get to know you and your business faster; making them one step closer to a confident buying decision.  Sure, you probably have a lot of great content on your website, and you need that for SEO, however people retain 60% of the information given in a video versus only 20% when read. If someone decides to only visit your site once, how much information would you like him or her to retain?

People love to use videos for research because it’s a fun and easy way to obtain information. According to comScore, 45% of all Internet users view 1 video a month and the average views 32.2 videos in one month.  If your target demographic includes Millennials, then you need to have video to educate them since 98% will watch at least 1 video a day to research content.

In 2006 Google bought YouTube because they knew it would be the future for communication. Google favors websites that have videos on them, and we all know Google runs the search world.

More social media platforms are leaning on video because it’s what people enjoy. Videos that are uploaded to YouTube can be simultaneously posted on Google+ and Twitter as well.  Content posts with a visible video attract three times more inbound links. On Instagram people can post short 15 second videos because of that fact alone. Periscope, a link of Twitter, is becoming very popular. This app allows people to live stream and become a reporter anywhere at anytime.

People want to work with people they know, like, trust and would hang out with. Videos create transparency for a business, and allow viewers to get an authentic view into the culture. A single video can be placed on multiple platforms to clone your message that could provide you a higher ROI than any other marketing tactic.  Marketing is like a recipe, stick to a few basic rules, add your own ingredients and personality, then make sure to add plenty of video for flavor to make that meal, or your business, that much more memorable.

About Taylor Wellman: 
Taylor has been working in the field of video marketing since 2009. Her passion started early in high school participating in national organizations like Fresh Films, and Girls in the Director’s Chair. Her senior year of high school her Maryland team received 10th place in the SKILLSUSA national competition for broadcast news, and Taylor was one of the anchors. Through her company, Financial Potion, Taylor helps business owners communicate in a more authentic and engaging way with custom video marketing solutions. From thought to distribution, Financial is the highest quality, full service video marketing company for the price conscious entrepreneur. Contact Taylor at Financial Potion.

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Are you living the quality of life you desire? What you can do about it.

I recently laid my beloved boxer Diesel to rest and it got me thinking, “Am I living the quality of life I desire?” If you’ve ever thought long and hard on that one, and if you’re not where you want to be, only you have the power to change your destiny. Now, I’m not talking about all the material things you wish for, but in really looking at your life, is it a temporary happiness, or are you content, fulfilled and fueled by what you’re achieving in this world?

After I put my boxer Diesel down on Solar Eclipse Day (yes, I will forever remember that!), it got me to do some serious thinking. Was I living the quality of life that I set out for myself? Or was I causing unnecessary stress trying to be all things to all people, do things that made me downright crazy, worrying all the time about finances? When finally I had a very big wake-up call and decided enough was enough. I was going to be intentional about everything I was doing. Everything I set out to do was going to have meaning, purpose.

I wasn’t going to say “yes” for the sake of saying yes, but finally saying “no” to things that no longer served my main purpose of making a bigger impact on others’ lives and their businesses. When I look back on my life years later, I want to know that the very purpose I set out to achieve, I did. And that comes with owning up to this.

Is this quality of life you’re living right now, this very second, one you are over the moon happy about?

If you’re not, friend, then it’s time for some serious self-discovery and you time, re-evaluation and to change your course of action. No one else can do this, but you.

Watch my raw and real weekly reflection video on this very topic here. It’s a hard question to ask yourself, I know, but definitely necessary.


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Do you practice patience in your business?

I’ll admit. I struggle a bit in the patience department. Who wouldn’t when we live in a society where everything is instantaneous? Over the course of my life, I’ve learned little by little that just because I want things to happen more quickly and RIGHT NOW, particularly with sales and clients, great things often take time to build up momentum.

Much like relationships. I talk so much about creating good connections with people. Does that happen overnight? Nope. It takes time to cultivate and get to know an individual. Would you want to be sold to every time you met a new person? I definitely would not.

The other day as I was leaving my Phoenix Gals’ Inspiration Hub meeting, I checked my email and received an inquiry off my website. The woman wrote, “I have had a copy of the San Tan Sun News where you were featured back in October 2016 announcing your business and have wanted to reach out to you since then.” She went on to ask if I would consider being a part of a speaker series at the high school she works at. Let’s see. October 2016 is almost a year ago. What do you think made her wait?


I have a new business strategy session with a woman I’ve known for over five years and just the other day, she reached out to me via LinkedIn and asked about us working together. We’re scheduled for a coffee date next week to continue our conversation.

Again, timing.

If you know what you want, when you want it and are not afraid to jump right in, amazing! So happy for you.

But for most all of us, it all boils down to when WE are ready in life. Not you. WE.

Moral of the story. Don’t rush a good thing. Don’t give up on people because they’re not ready to jump when you say they should. You’ll see. It will all come when it’s meant to.

And when it does, it will totally be worth the wait.

Making new connections is my absolute favorite thing to do. If this post resonated with you, share a comment below. I would welcome the opportunity to get to know and support you better over a virtual coffee. Schedule it with me here.

Tisha Marie Pelletier is the president and CEO of Tisha Marie Enterprises, a business mentor, inspirational speaker, author and founder of the Gals’ Inspiration Hub, a virtual and live mastermind group of authentic women in business seeking support, accountability, meaningful connections and more. She has facilitated well over 200 meetings and events with female entrepreneurs. Learn more and sign up for a 30-day free trial at galsinspirationhub.com.

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How to deal with business pet peeves

Business Pet Peeves and How to Avoid ThemIn my Gals’ Inspiration Hub mastermind, I could not wait to ask the following question. What are your top business pet peeves and how do you avoid them? Apparently, the ladies present had a lot to say about business pet peeves, as did I. As a business owner going on 14 years on my own, I’ve lived through some pretty surprising business pet peeves, but would have to say the overall theme to all of them boiled down to one major word – RESPECT.

Here are the top 10 business pet peeves shared by my fellow gal entrepreneurs. Why do I share these? No, it’s not to put anyone specifically on blast, but for you to read and learn firsthand what business pet peeves drive others absolutely mad, and to fix it if this is you. I know if I were doing these things (and I very well might be), I would definitely want to know sooner than later so that I don’t end up burning bridges down the road.  That is the worst, especially because reputation is everything in this town.

1. Not being honest about what you do up front when you meet someone for the first time.

2. Being too sales-ey and/or inviting someone to a “coffee” or lunch meeting and turning it into a full on sales pitch he/she can’t escape.

3. Having a poor, “don’t care about your story or your circumstance” attitude when it comes to customer service instead of resolving the issue and keeping the client.

4. RSVPing to an event, but then never showing or giving the host an update you’re no longer able to attend.

5. Not calling back or acknowledging someone when you receive a voice mail or email…ever.

6. Even worse. Not calling a potential client back when they WANT to work with you.

7. Jumping out at people in public places pitching your direct sales organization and encouraging them to be on your team. (This has happened to me several times. Scared my kids, too.)

8. Others who judge or put you down because you’re not quite there yet with your business.

9. Taking a client’s money and not delivering the work you promised, then sending a bill for more work.

10. Saying you’ll do something for someone when you don’t intend to and never communicating that to them.

I could go on and on about this business pet peeves topic. The big question is, how do we avoid these pet peeves when we experience them? By being our honest self. Will it change the way a person does things? Not always, but by telling a person how a situation made you feel, it may get them to think it over and do better next time around.

Chime in on the conversation by sharing your biggest pet peeve with me below to keep adding onto this post. I’d love to hear what other entrepreneurs say about the subject matter.